The UEFA Euros – Giving Drink Drivers The Red Card

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Conor Johnstone

A police crackdown on drivers under the influence of drink and drugs is launched to coincide with the start of the Euro 2016 football tournament.

The police are urging drivers to think twice before jumping in the driver’s seat after a drink. 

Last year’s campaign saw more than 12,000 breath tests with almost 8,000 people arrested for drink driving in England and Wales. This figure is expected to significantly increase this year with the early campaign to take account of the football. Police officers may also be checking for drugs as well with the introduction of the new drug driving law. More information on the new drug driving laws can be found on our dedicated drug driving page.

Dyfed Powys Police Assistant Chief Constable Pam Kelly advised people to plan ahead, saying there was “no excuse” to drive under the influence. She said:

We absolutely want people to have a great time and to support Wales.

But there’s a really important message that we want people to remember and that is that during the next two months, all four Welsh forces are going to be committed to the summer anti drink and drug campaign.

What am I asking people to do is make a choice; they should either drink or drive, they should never do both.

Road safety charity ‘Brake’ are also reminding football fans to leave the car at home if they are intending to have a pint whilst watching the game. They say that around 250 people killed every year in road traffic accidents where at least one driver involved was over the drink drive limit.

Even football manager Sam Allerdyce has given his opinion on the matter, saying that “if people are having a few drinks while watching the games, they should leave the car at home, and think about whether they are still over the limit the following day.”

We share the sentiment that those looking to watch the football this summer should not drink and drive. If, however, you have been charged with a drink driving offence, there may be a defence available to you.

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Conor Johnstone

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