Surrey Police Constable found guilty of drink-driving

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A Surrey police officer has been banned from driving for 18 months after she was found guilty of drink-driving.

PC Nicola Townsend, pleaded guilty to the offence at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court.

Magistrates’ at Basingstoke heard how Townsend was breathalysed after she parked her car at Guildford police station after an inspector smelled alcohol on her breath.

The breath test showed she had 70mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath ?- double the current legal drink-drive limit of 35mg.

The court heard how Townsend had recently returned from a long flight and had taken some herbal tablets with three vodkas to help combat jet lag. She had recently discovered the medication should not have been mixed with alcohol.

Townsend was disqualified from driving for 18 months, ordered to pay a £550 fine, £235 costs and a £55 victim surcharge.

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