Surrey Police announce drink-drive campaign results

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Surrey Polices annual campaign against drink and drug driving has proven successful after 110 people were arrested.

The police campaign, named Operation Dragonfly, is part of a year-long initiative, and this June’s campaign as launched off the back of a similar campaign in 2014.

Last years campaign saw 91 people arrested drink or drug related offences, and this year police have been implementing stop checks in areas that have previously provided positive breath samples.

In addition teams have also been responding to ‘tip-offs’ from members of the public.

Those arrested were later named and shamed on social media sites.

Chief inspector Phil Nicholas,said: ‘People who drink or take drugs and get behind the wheel have slower reaction times, struggle to concentrate and can behave more erratically on the roads, putting both themselves and others in danger.

‘We will not tolerate drug-driving and would urge anyone who thinks they know someone who is driving after taking drugs to contact us urgently so that we can act.’

In total of 65 people have been charged.  There are also a further 31 people who have been arrested for drink or drug-related driving offences who are currently on police bail. 

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