Randox Drug Driving – Licence Suspended

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Conor Johnstone

Grounds to appeal a drug driving conviction

M.A.J. Law has recently learnt that Randox Testing Services has had its drug driving laboratory accreditation withdrawn. This means that it can no longer analyse blood specimens for use in drug driving cases. It also raises further concerns about the integrity of previous drug driving samples analysed at RTS Manchester, particularly if this has resulted in a drug driving conviction.

Interestingly, RTS has stated that the withdrawal of its accreditation “best serves the Criminal Justice System, enabling the most effective support of the on-going investigation“. This would suggest that RTS are still concerned about the quality of its current sampling process.

Toxicology testing will not be carried out at the RTS Manchester site for the immediate future.

M.A.J. Law would urge anyone charged with drug driving within the last 6 months to contact us immediately, even if you have already been convicted. We have won a number of drug driving cases following the Randox scandal. There may also be compensation awarded for those who have suffered severe consequences (such as the loss of a job) following a drug driving conviction.

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Conor Johnstone

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