One in five Brits likely to drink-drive this Christmas

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A study has revealed that one in five motorists admit they are likely to drink-drive this Christmas.

The research, commissioned by Manchester based insurance firm, surveyed 2,000 drivers and found one in five believe there is a good chance they will drive after a drink this December with most giving ‘feeling fine to drive’ as a reason, while others admit it’s ‘easier and cheaper’ than getting a taxi home.

Men are most likely to drink-drive, with one in four male drivers admitting they are likely to do so this Christmas, compared to just one in seven women.

Further research revealed that more than a quarter of drivers have confessed to knowingly driving over the limit at Christmas.

Young drivers are the most likely to drink-drive this Christmas, with 30 per cent of those aged between 18 and 24 admitting they will probably do so at some point during the upcoming festive period.

The study also revealed;

  • A third of drivers have gone out with the intention of staying sober, only to succumb to peer pressure and have a few drinks.
  • More than half of the above admitted to still driving home.
  • One in seven drivers admitted to drink-driving because they live in a rural area.

Mark Rigby, head operating officer at Insurance Revolution, said: ‘Drivers need to be provided with a lot more information about the drink drive limit.  

‘It can be confusing for drivers to understand what the measure is and how what they are drinking correlates to that.  We have to make sure drivers have clear information available to them.’


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