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One in fifteen motorists caught drink or drug driving according to new ACPO figures

2 September 2014


One in fifteen motorists are driving under the influence of drink or drugs according to new figures published by the association of chief police officers.

ACPO’s annual awareness campaign ran throughout June to highlight the dangers of drink and drug driving.  During this period, 63,688 motorists were tested across the UK, of which 4108 tests were failed, tested positive or refused.  

The results show a decrease in the number of drink-drivers compared to figures from 2012, however the number of tests administered has fallen since the 2012 campaign.

“Our officers this summer used a much more intelligence-led approach to testing.  Forces focused on the dangers of driving the morning after a heavy night and targeting areas where risk was highest, particularly around venues broadcasting the world cup,” said chief constable Suzette Davenport.

“Despite us constantly hammering home the anti-drink and drug driving message, it is not being heeded by enough people.”

As a result of figures being released, road safety charity Brake is calling on the Government to reduce the legal drink-driving limit to 20mg of alcohol per 100mg in the coming years, from the current limit of 80mg.

Brake’s deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said: “It is frustrating to see too many driving still selfishly risking lives by getting behind the wheel after drinking, even when the dangers and consequences are so well documented.


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