Number of motorists caught driving while banned rises

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Conor Johnstone

The number of people in Britain caught driving while already banned has increased by 7.5%, according to figures obtained by BBC Radio 5 live.

Last year, 109,660 motorists were banned from driving, with the youngest being 12 and the oldest 94.

Some 14,500 people were caught driving without a licence last year, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency data shows. Below are some of the most common ways a person can be banned from driving;

Gloucestershire Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, road policing lead for the National Police Chiefs Council, said:

Generally some people who are disqualified will also be involved in other types of criminality and that might have contributed to them being banned.
But they’ll be people who are driving without insurance because they can’t get insurance, because they’re disqualified drivers, and so that immediately poses a risk to all of us.

Read the full article at the BBC Website

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Conor Johnstone

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