Liverpool bars offering free drinks to dedicated drivers

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Conor Johnstone

Stay safe this Christmas – Dedicated Driver Scheme


It’s common knowledge that people will consume more alcohol over the festive period. Work Christmas parties, festive celebrations, and of course, New Year’s Eve, give most an opportunity (or excuse!) to consume more alcohol than any other time of the year. This will result in a greater number of people taking a chance behind the wheel – and you can bet the police know it. The number of arrests for drink driving offences during Christmas Crackdowns are growing year on year, with some forces competing against others for the highest number of arrests. So don’t be part of a competition.

There’s never a good excuse. Book a taxi, use public transport, or appoint a designated driver. Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty beverage!

According to research, 744,000 drivers will get behind the wheel whilst over the prescribed alcohol limit this Christmas. Some bars in Liverpool are taking steps to reduce this shocking statistic by offering free soft drinks to designated drivers who are willing to take one for the team. Here’s a list of bars in Liverpool that are taking part in the campaign;

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Conor Johnstone

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