Going to court

Drink & Drug driving court hearings

If you find yourself facing legal proceedings over drink driving, it’s important that you know what’s in store for you come your time in court. We understand you may be feeling overwhelmed, nervous and confused, so we’ve got you covered with advice on the process, representation and what you can expect on the day itself.

What’s the first step?

Our team attend court hearings daily. It’s a process that we’re very familiar with. If you’ve been charged with drink or drug driving, you can expect a court hearing to take place. It’s essential to prepare and manage your time before court effectively.

Do you need a drink or drug driving solicitor?

There are three key reasons why instructing a specialist solicitor is crucial.

  1. You will be provided with expert legal representation and advice, meaning you won’t have to face court alone (please note that a duty solicitor is unlikely to provide valuable advice about defending cases. They will likely advise you to plead guilty immediately).
  2. Legal technicalities and loopholes are often hidden in evidence, or may not be apparent at first. Experience in this respect is invaluable.
  3. On average, specialist firms achieve better outcomes and are more likely to win cases for clients.


A fixed fee will apply but you will get what you pay for. Alongside a proven track record, the right drink driving solicitor will have a caring and dedicated team for you to turn to in your time of need.

Speed is of the essence due to the limited time frame of the hearing but it really is important to get a specific drink driving solicitor as it could help you to get a fair result.

What can I expect on the day itself?

The hearing itself shouldn’t take long (10 – 15 minutes). If you attend without a solicitor and plead not guilty, you will be expected to identify the legal basis for your plea, including factual and evidential considerations, witness requirements and court directions.

If you attend court with a member of our team, you will only be required to confirm your name, address, date of birth and plea. Following which, you can sit down and relax. There is nothing more that you need to say or do. Your solicitor will take it from there.


Our approach – what makes us different

Our team take a strategic approach to first court hearings – we prefer to say less.

At the first court hearing, we may not see all the evidence against you. If we specifically outline our approach in detail, we risk ‘tipping off’ the CPS and limiting our options by committing ourselves to a single route. By keeping our cards close to our chest, we keep those options open, and can change course if necessary once the evidence has been provided. The CPS may not like this approach, but we’re not there to help them convict you. The general rule is that you always check and test the accuracy of the evidence against you.

How we can help 

M.A.J. Law are the market leaders in drink and drug driving defence. Our team of specialist solicitors have years of experience representing clients through courts in England and Wales. If you find yourself facing a lengthy disqualification and criminal conviction, we can help.

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