Drink and drug driving campaign results in Cheshire

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Figures have been released by Cheshire Police at the end of their annual summer drink and drug driving campaign. 

53 motorists were arrested in June for driving while under the influence of drugs compared to just six in 2014.  The rise in the number arrested is due to Cheshire Police using the new roadside breath testing kits which were introduced in March 2015.

The number of drink-drive arrests decreased from 131 last year to 107 this year.

Superintendant Bev Raistrick, head of Cheshire Roads Policing Teams said: ‘Driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs is extremely dangerous.  It affects your reaction time, making it hard for you to judge your speed, judge the distance between you and other vehicles and notice potential hazards.  All of this means you are more likely to be involved in a collision whilst driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

‘We are committed to reducing the number of alcohol and drug related deaths on our roads and my officers will use all the tools available to them to help us achieve our goal.’

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