Beating a drink driving charge

Our team believe that everyone has the right to specialist legal advice and representation. We have spent years fine tuning specialist legal defence strategies and techniques. By considering your options, you could avoid unfair and excessive penalties, you may even avoid a conviction all together.

What we do

M.A.J. Law are a market leading drink and drug driving defence firm. We achieve exceptional results for our clients, having won an impressive 92% of our drink and drug driving cases. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and have been accused of drink or drug driving, call our team of specialist solicitors. We can explain what is likely to happen in your case, without all the confusing legal jargon. We’ll tell you straight forward terms if you’ve got a case.

How to beat a drink driving charge

All police forces have conviction quotas and targets to hit, meaning they may put a case to court without the correct evidence, on the hope that you’d plead guilty without checking the evidence. The police rely on defendants pleading guilty. This often results in them shortcutting procedures making basic (but fatal) errors. Our team are driven by results. Winning cases is at the heart of what we do.

Those accused of drink and drug driving should consider all of their options, and check the evidence produced by the prosecution service. You might be shocked to discover that the evidence against you either doesn’t exist or cannot be used.

A lot of people think you can’t beat a drink driving charge, but believe us, in many cases, you can. You just need the right team of people backing you up. By working with M.A.J. Law, you will also gain exclusive access to some of the country’s leading motoring defence barristers.

Next Steps 

Please call us to discuss your case. We will review your entire case free of charge, and pinpoint areas that might be of use. Here are some of the key things we can assist you with:

  • Finding fault with police procedure
  • Challenging device calibration
  • Identifying defences
  • Placing pressure on the CPS

Give yourself your best chance of getting a fair result. Contact us today for free, no obligation advice. Call 0151 422 8020 now or request a callback.

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