Appealing Against a Magistrates’ Court Decision – Drink Driving

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Conor Johnstone

You have an automatic right of appeal following a conviction in the magistrates’ court. Any appeal must be lodged within 21 days from the date you were sentenced. You can appeal against your conviction so long as you didn’t plead guilty. You can appeal against your sentence if you think it is ‘manifestly excessive’. Your appeal would likely be heard in the Crown Court.

The Lord Chief Justice has recently approved a new ‘easy read’ appeal form.

You can download the appeal form here;

Download PDF fREE

It is advisable that you speak to a solicitor before lodging the appeal

The new ‘easy read’ appeal form explains;

  • In what circumstances you can appeal
  • The time-limits on an appeal
  • What happens if you win your appeal
  • What happens if you lose your appeal
  • Other applications (such as bail applications)

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Conor Johnstone

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