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The Team

Our aim is to provide you with the very best legal advice and representation.

Your team:

Marcus Johnstone

Marcus Johnstone

Senior Solicitor & Founder

Marcus is the senior solicitor and founder of M.A.J Law. Marcus specialises in finding mistakes or ‘loopholes’ in the prosecution evidence.


Conor Johnstone

Motoring Defence Solicitor

Conor is a specialist motoring defence solicitor. He is known for his extensive knowledge of drink & drug driving cases.


John Dove

Motoring Defence Solicitor

John is a specialist solicitor. He has higher-rights qualifications allowing him to appear in the Crown Court.

Harry Bellis

Harry Bellis


Harry is a paralegal specialising in motoring offence. He has a keen eye for detail.


David McChrystal

Senior Paralegal

David is a senior paralegal. He has an impressive track record in successfully defending motoring offences.


Karen Johnstone

Practice Manager

Karen is our practice manager. She oversees day-to-day operations.


Kathryn Duffy

Head of Administration Team

Kat is the head of our administration team. She ensures our admin runs smoothly.

Jack Cooper


Jack is a paralegal with a particular interest in drink & drug driving offences.

James Fisher


James assists our solicitors in defending motoring offences.


Lorraine Murphy

Admin Team

Lorraine is an integral part of our administration team.



Marketing Consultant

Charlie is our in-house marketing consultant.



Court liaison officer

Claire is our CPS & Court liaison officer.



Admin Team

Sue is a member of our administration team.

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Our team are keen to keep you up to date with the latest news. You can find our more using the links below;

Our Case Studies provide an insight into how we win our cases. If you find a case study similar to your case, it’s crucial that you call us immediately.


Follow our Twitter account to keep track of our specialist solicitors as they travel around the country defending motorists.


Our free booklets are extremely popular. From Sentencing Guidelines to advice at your first court hearing, you’ll find all the info you need.


Our Blog details the latest legal updates. You may find one or two pieces about our firm.


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