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If you would like to take advantage of our free expert legal advice, please get in touch. You can usually speak with a specialist straight away.

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This page contains a few of our most recent testimonials. All our testimonials are dated so you can be sure that we’re winning cases today.


13th January 2020 Medway Magistrates' Court

The team were very professional and explained how things could go. My Son blew 48mg on the breathalyser machine at the police station, but after scrutinising the evidence the internal clock on the machine was out by two hours…

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6th January 2020 Cannock Magistrates' Court


I received the news this afternoon and to say I’m relieved is an understatement.

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29th December 2019 Redditch Magistrates' Court

What a Christmas present!! I was quite upset when I found out my case would drag on until 2020, especially considering I was arrested in March 2019! Over the past few weeks my solicitors deployed a strategy we’d been discussing for some time. I was told by my solicitor that we would wait until the time was right…

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20th December 2019 Kidderminster Magistrates' Court

The legal system is an unusual concept to me. The thought that laws are created which limit our freedoms seems unfair. I am a regular user of Cannabis. I use Cannabis for its medicinal purposes (but also recreationally with friends over the weekend). I’ve always stayed clear of alcohol which I believe to be far more harmful.

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2nd December 2019 Tameside Magistrates' Court

It didn’t occur to me that cases like these involved so many procedural technicalities, I’m still not sure how it all works. My solicitors explained to me (probably more than once!) the process of giving a sample of breath at a police station. They told me that if the police did not ask me the correct questions, or give me certain information, then I could not be convicted. I’ll be honest I questioned…

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28th November 2019 Ipswich Magistrates' Court

I am a joiner by trade and can appreciate true craftsmanship when I see it. The solicitors at MAJ Law are craftsmen who take pride in their work. It’s obvious when speaking to them that they’re genuinely interested in your case and how they can help. I didn’t find the same level of commitment with anyone else.

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15th November 2019 Guildford Magistrates' Court

I appointed MAJ Law to represent me on a motoring charge. I was not familiar with the process because I have never been in trouble with the police before. My children rely on me driving and I cannot work without my licence. I stood to lose everything.

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6th November 2019 Willesden Magistrates' Court

I was charged with dangerous driving after a moment of madness. I need my licence to work and of course to pay my mortgage! My solicitor was great and managed to win my case. A fantastic outcome and one that I wasn’t expecting. Thank you.

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31st October 2019 Manchester Magistrates' Court

I can not recommend MAJ law enough.

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10th October 2019 Preston Magistartes' court

I managed to keep hold of my licence, thanks a million to John and all of the team.

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27th September 2019 City of London Magistrates' court

Absolutely delighted with the service I received.

Conors expert knowledge of the MGDDA procedure saved my licence and my livelihood, Thanks for everything.

5 star review

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19th September 2019 Telford


I couldn’t have asked for a better service, brilliant from start to finish.

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13th September 2019 yeovil magistrates' court

Big thanks to Conor for pointing out the failures on behalf of the CPS and getting the case dropped in court

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13th September 2019 Liverpool Magistrates' Court

I was facing a driving ban from totting up points on my licence, but in court my barrister was able to gain exceptional hardship and i kept my licence.

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6th September 2019 Warrington Magistartes court

I couldn’t have asked for more.

Going through something like this is extremely stressful but the team did everything they could to support me fully throughout the process.

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6th September 2019 Colchester

Beyond happy!

Without Harrys knowledge I would have lost my licence.


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9th August 2019 Blackpool Magistrates' court

Expert Knowledge of drink drive law

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26th July 2019 Bromley Magistrates' Court

Great service from start to finish

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17th July 2019 Newcastle Under Lyme Magistrates' Court

I wholeheartedly recommend MAJ Law


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14th June 2019 Bootle Magistrates' Court

Worth Every Penny!

Without the support and expert knowledge of the MAJ Team i would have blindly plead guilty despite numerous errors. All i can say is always challenge the evidence, because like me, your case may be dropped.



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1st June 2019 Warrington Magistrates'

True specialists.

Their expertise and knowledge of the law and legal process enabled me to find fault and win my case. Thanks once again to John and the MAJ Law team.

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29th May 2019 Staines Magistrates' Court

Surpassed all my expectations – Case Dropped

I cannot thank you enough! I would highly recommend MAJ Law and the team to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Top Marks. To say this is a relief is an understatement and it has literally saved my life. I cannot thank Conor and the team at MAJ Law enough for everything they have done for me

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18th May 2019 Liverpool Magistrates' Court

Highly recommended!

I can’t fault their service at all; their expert knowledge was complemented at all times by excellent communication, often explaining complex legal situations in a way which I as a layperson could understand.

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13th May 2019 St Albans Magistrates' Court

I am very pleased with the result and would like to thank you, your team and my barrister for helping achieve this result, I’m still not quite sure how it all happened. I’ve still got my license and my life hasn’t been turned upside down, I can’t thank you enough for taking my case on and helping me and talking sense to me in to not taking the quick root and pleading guilty.

A very big thank you.

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8th May 2019 Derby Magistrates' Court

I received the phone call – my case had been dropped!

My court hearing was today and I received the best phone call – my case had been dropped. Apparently the judge agreed with my solicitors and refused to give the CPS a second chance.

I couldn’t have done this without the help and support of M.A.J Law. The judge also awarded me costs, meaning I get some money back to cover my legal fees. To think I came so close to just pleading guilty. I’m still in shock and disbelief.

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3rd May 2019 Thames Magistrates' Court

Drug driving case dismissed – missing forensic evidence 

I attended my final court hearing with my barrister. The CPS still hadn’t sent me the detailed forensic evidence the court asked them too. This meant that I couldn’t have a fair trial.

My barrister spent 10 minutes addressing the judge and the case was kicked out the window! Fantastic result. No ban.

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29th April 2019 Slough Magistrates' Court

Case dropped at first hearing

After my meeting with the barrister he asked me to wait outside the courtroom and he went inside. 10 minutes later he appeared with a big smile on his face. He invited me to join him in a meeting room. He then gave me the good news – my case had been dropped.

To this day I’m not sure what he did in court, but I can’t thank him enough. I found M.A.J Law to be approachable and professional. They’re currently arranging the costs application so I can get some money back. Thanks again.

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21st April 2019 Kidderminster Magistrates' Court

Drink Driving Case Won – No officer 

Part way through my case Marcus called me to discuss some recently disclosed CPS evidence. He had identified a couple of problems with the case against me (way over my head) and it started to look promising. At the first court hearing he had asked for CCTV, but this hadn’t been served. I saw copies of letters sent to the CPS requesting it. Slowly but surely M.A.J Law started to create a defence.

After all that I ended up winning my case because a police officer didn’t come to court! The CPS didn’t make it easy however, but Marcus put up a fight and wouldn’t back down. He came across so much better than the CPS, and the court found with us. My case was dismissed.

A great team of people. Would definitely recommend.

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12th April 2019 Bournemouth Magistrates' Court

Failing to provide case dismissed 

Shortly before the trial the CPS dropped the charge against me. I received a copy of the letters M.A.J Law sent to the CPS and it’s no wonder they crumbled. Their knowledge of the law is impressive. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone in a similar situation. Thanks!

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6th March 2019 Bromley Magistrates' Court

(Drink driving case won at trial)

I wanted to express my gratitude to the team at M.A.J Law for their expert advice and representation. I was charged with drink driving and asked to attend court. I searched online and found M.A.J Law. Their solicitors all seemed well informed and professional. Unlike other firms I spoke to, they didn’t give it the hard sell and explained all my options. My case was won at trial after the police officer couldn’t remember who had completed the important procedural paperwork.

I am eternally grateful for M.A.J Law’s assistance and would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.

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