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2015 so far for

27 July 2015

It’s scary to think that we’re already seven months in to 2015. It seems like only yesterday that MAJ Law successfully defended a record number of people over the Christmas period.

Several months later and we’re breaking even more records as people continue to put their trust in MAJ Law to defend their cases and save their licences.

So, here’s the first half of 2015 in a nutshell.

New members of the team

Effectively challenging a drink driving offence takes time and precision. There is a lengthy procedure in place that the police should follow when obtaining a specimen of breath, blood or urine, this is known as the MGDD procedure. This is the starting point when challenging a case (you can read more about this procedure in our Case Victories booklet, available as a free download from our website). As a consequence, many cases I deal with have over 50 pages of evidence!

The team at MAJ Law pride ourselves in delivering a service beyond our clients’ expectations and, to ensure that this continues, MAJ Law has just welcomed two more specialist solicitors to the team, meaning we can invest even more time in checking the accuracy of the evidence against you.

Each case must be challenged on its own facts and no one case is identical. Naturally, some cases demand more time than others, but this does not mean that some cases are less important. I constantly receive calls from clients of other firms who feel like their case is not receiving the attention they are paying for. Many feel like they’re a victim of a ‘sausage factory system’. Our approach is different because we only take on a certain number of new instructions, thus ensuring that all clients receive a dedicated service.

We were recently instructed by one client who was in for trial in two weeks time. He was previously using a different firm of solicitors and his case, believe it or not, had been ongoing for over two years! Despite having two years to prepare a case, very little had been done. We therefore had to pull out all the stops to get the case ready. As usual, I called my client the day before the trial to confirm the arrangements and, of course, to reassure him. He was extremely grateful for the work that had been undertaken in such a short period of time and explained that MAJ Law had done more in two weeks than his previous solicitor had done in two years!

We believe that if there’s a technicality, loophole, legal argument or defence to be found, we’ll find it. Take a look at our success stories.

Success Rates

Unlike many other motoring defence firms out there, here at MAJ Law we retain up-to-date success rates on all our drink-drive related offences. With any new enquiry, our solicitors will be pleased to discuss in detail your own case, explain the legal issues involved, discuss with you all possible defences and, importantly, confirm our success rates in cases the same as yours. It’s no wonder we’re fast becoming the leading motoring defence firm in the UK.

Brand New Website

Many companies fail to adapt to an ever evolving environment, particularly where the root of that evolution is technology. One of the reasons MAJ Law is a leading light in road traffic law is because our forward thinking team are able to move with the times.

Over the last three months MAJ Law has collaborated with our web-design team to create a stunning, mobile friendly speeding website. In addition, we have recently committed over £100,000.00 to the development and optimisation of a newly designed drink driving defence website. Our investment in technology and web design over the next 5 years is expected to be over £1 million.

New website features

No doubt you’ll be interested in what our new site can offer. Take a look below for a summary of the site’s brand new features.

Drink driving calculator

We’ve created a brand new, user-friendly ‘drink driving calculator’ to estimate the likely punishment if a conviction were found (including the length of disqualification).

Weekly booklets

We’ll be keeping our ever increasing audience updated with informative weekly booklets, discussing our most recent case victories as well as the latest developments in road traffic law. These booklets can be downloaded direct from our website, completely free of charge.


By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled. Time and time again people compliment our informative Youtube videos.

Unfortunately I’m not able to give much information away at this stage. However I can tell you that there will be plenty more videos on the way!

We’ve recently reviewed the project and finalised the initial ‘web-frame’. We’re hoping our brand new site will be live in the forthcoming months. We will, of course, keep you all updated on social media.

Our ‘fixed fee’ pricing structure

Rather than complicating matters with different costs for different cases, MAJ Law has a simple and transparent fixed fee structure.

I often hear of firms charging extortionate fees to defend motoring matters. We, however, feel that those without access to tens of thousands of pounds still have a right to instruct a specialist motoring defence solicitor (without breaking the bank).

If you’d like any more information on our fee structure or anything that you’ve read above, please call us on 0151 422 8020 or visit our website – For any Speeding related matters, please visit

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