Testimonials of M.A.J Law


M.A.J. Law has some of the highest success rates in the country.

We make sure that every testimonial we publish contains a date and a location. This is so you can be certain that we are winning cases today.

(Drink Driving Case Urine Won)

Absolutely overjoyed with the result of my case. The police did not conduct the correct procedure which meant the urine sample was inadmissible. In other words, they couldn’t use it! Cannot thank the team at M.A.J Law enough for getting my life back on track.
Thank you so much M.A.J Law for everything! Lauren gave me clear advice and reassured me every step of the way. I’m so glad I chose to challenge the evidence against me rather than just pleading guilty.

Bromley Magistrates' Court - SJ - 2nd June 2018

(Drug Driving case successfully defended)

Thank you so much for the positive outcome and many thanks to my solicitor for the wonderful professional manner in which she represented me. Once again many thanks to all concerned. Best wishes.

Newport Magistrates' Court - AD - 30th May 2018

(Post driving consumption case)

I cannot thank Conor and the team enough for the time, effort and skill that went into my case. I would not have got this outcome without M.A.J Law.

I was over 90 in breath and facing a lengthy disqualification, not to mention the community service. I got neither.

Thanks again.

Medway Magistrates' Court - RD - 24th May 2018

(Drink Driving Case defended)

A great team of people fighting for ordinary people. I would urge anyone in a similar situation to call them.

Thank you.

Telford Magistrates' Court - OS - 18th May 2018

(Failing to provide charge dismissed)

I was unable to provide a sample of breath at the police station. I did not have a defence as such.


I spoke with David at M.A.J Law. He explained that I do not need a defence to win my case; there were other ways. David discussed the daily struggles of the Crown Prosecution Service. Cases often fail because the CPS do not provide the correct evidence when the court directs. There is also scope to challenge the correctness of the breath test procedure.


I had nothing to lose. If I lost my licence, I lost my job. If I challenged the case and was not successful, I was no worse off. The length of my ban would not increase. If I won my case, I lost nothing.


A short time after instructing M.A.J Law my case was discontinued by the CPS. I am sure the police thought I would simply plead guilty on the first court date. Take what chances you can to win your case. It certainly paid off for me. Thank you.

Southend Magistrates' Court - LS - 15th May 2018

(Client found ‘not guilty’ for drug driving – legal argument surrounding consent)

This was a very drawn out case of drug driving. We were represented 4 times at court by M.A.J Law but due to the constant failings of the CPS not providing evidence. At the final court trial we were represented by Simon. He had dealt with a number of very similar cases to ours and was utterly brilliant throughout the day. His expert knowledge in specific areas was crucial in convincing a very difficult judge into rejecting the Crown’s argument and the case was dismissed.

Thank you for getting my Son’s life back on track.

Oxford Magistrates' Court - ON - 9th May 2018

(Drug Driving Case dropped at ‘intervention hearing’)

I would like to thank Conor for his time and effort regarding my son’s case at Preston this week. We received a phone call from him on Friday afternoon to say that the case had been dismissed due to the prosecution’s failure to provide documents ordered by the Judge previously, namely the SFR2 (scientific report).

Conor had told us that this happens frequently but when it relates to your own case you don’t dare to hope. There were other avenues that Conor would have explored if this had not been the case but in the end there was no need. My son was only 0.1 micrograms over the limit of 2, but as far as the prosecution were concerned it may have well been 20 micrograms.
Conor certainly knows the ins and outs of the law regarding drug driving and that is what won us the case. It was worth every penny. Thanks again Conor.

Preston Magistrates' Court - JM - 4th May 2018

(Drink Driving allegation defended)

A genuine thanks to Marcus and the team at M.A.J Law. A special thanks to Claire in the admin for all her reassurance and support. I appreciate everything M.A.J Law has done for me. Really the very best regards imaginable to John, Marcus and the team.

Lincoln Magistrates' Court - TW - 25th April 2018

(Drink Driving case won at trial)

I cannot thank M.A.J Law enough, my life is back on track. After several months of stress and worry it’s finally over!

The CPS failed to serve the evidence against me and had little option other than to drop the charges. I was represented by John Dove (a socialist solicitor) who was very clear with me throughout, both at the first hearing and at the trial. It was quite expensive but well worth it in the end, as I have no criminal record and I still have my license. I will also be getting some money back from Central Funds.
A big thank you to John Dove, David McChrystal and the team at M.A.J Law. Great job guys!
Would recommend to anyone in the same situation.

Maidstone Magistrates' Court - AD - 17th April 2018

Disqualification Avoided – Spiked Drinks 

My solicitor, Lauren Cookson, explained every stage in so much detail and with patience. I am so grateful for your hard work.

Thank you.

Telford Magistrates' Court - NR - 13th April 2018

Drug Driving Case Discontinued 

I was charged with drug driving after providing a positive blood sample (19mg of THC). I was also charged with possession.

M.A.J Law defended my case relentlessly. Their determination, pro-activness and initiative was what won it. They outsmarted the CPS at every corner. I remember holding the postal charge at my front door, feeling absolutely worthless. If I lost my licence, I lost everything. Give M.A.J a call and see if they can help you like they helped me.

This morning I received another letter – my defence costs order. I’ve been refunded a chunk of my legal fees from M.A.J.

Uxbridge Magistrates' Court - RD - 5th April 2018

Case dismissed by Police

For me, communication is vital. I work abroad and the team at M.A.J Law went out of their way to keep me updated, even if it meant calling me after 7:00pm or on weekends. A friendly, welcoming and professional team of solicitors. A credit to the legal industry.

- Avoided Court - - MV - 28th March 2018

Drink Driving Case Defended

The service provided by M.A.J Law is exceptionally good and I was extremely impressed with John Dove, my specialist solicitor. I knew I was in safe hands from the outset.

Brighton Magistrates’ Court - RB - 22nd March 2018

‘Drugged in charge’ case concluded

I  was charged with being in control of a vehicle under the influence of drugs. With the expertise of the team at M.A.J Law I received a not guilty verdict after a very long 10 months dealing with police and the CPS.  My solicitor was John Dove, a massive thank you to him. M.A.J Law were brilliant from the beginning. The CPS put up a good fight but we came out on top. I drive for a living so I depend on my licence – I would have lost my job. Would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you to all concerned.

Southend Magistrates' Court - PB - 14th March 2018

(Drug Driving Case Dismissed by CPS)

I would like to say that David has done a brilliant job defending my case. It was dropped the day before my trial.

I cannot thank M.A.J Law enough.

Medway Magistrates' Court - RB - 9th March 2018

(Drink Driving case dropped by CPS)

It is a pleasure to write this review for M.A.J Law, the solicitors who fought my son’s drug driving case.

My 22-year-old son had found himself on the receiving end of a drug driving charge. His girlfriend was pregnant and his trial date was set for the week his child was due to be born. Faced with losing both his job and his driving license our family was devastated. M.A.J Law agreed to take on his case, from that moment on despite no guarantees we knew we were in safe hands.

His solicitor, Marcus Johnstone, was compassionate and professional, keeping us informed at every stage. Less than 24hrs ahead of the trial and our son’s girlfriend was finally in labour. We were full of excitement and fear and I was struggling to imagine having to drag him from the labour ward to attend his trial.

I saw Marcus’ direct mobile number flash up on my phone and my heart sank, it was a stark reminder of what lay ahead. I answered the call anticipating him sharing with me the final details for the morning, but what she said left me utterly breathless. The case was dropped, we’d WON! There really aren’t any words that could actually describe my elation. M.A.J Law, you have been amazing and I cannot thank you enough, you weren’t just our solicitor but our friend. Our family is incredibly grateful to you, many thanks.

Bromley Magistrates' Court - SB - 7th March 2018

(Drink driving case won at trial)

Thank you for all the work done on my case. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Thank you.

Swindon Magistrates' Court - DB - 1st March 2018

(Drug driving case dropped by the CPS)

Just a quick email to say a big “Thank you” for all your work in relation to my case. When you called this morning with the news I was in complete shock. I cannot thank you enough.

It means so much to us as a family; a criminal record would have impacted greatly on our lives.

I am so glad that you took over my case. All our thanks

Medway Magistrates' Court - RB - 27th February 2018

(Drink driving case won after police officer gives ‘appalling evidence’)

I believe my specialist barrister may have already given you the heads up regarding my trial today at Southend Magistrate’s court.  Yes, I have been found not guilty! I would like to express my huge gratitude and thanks to you and your team for the hard work, determination and commitment you put in to this matter. My special thanks and gratitude also goes to my barrister for his deep knowledge and sterling performance at the hearing. I found M.A.J. Law easy to work with and quite re-assuring even when at times I thought the circumstances weighed heavily against us.

Thank you.

Southend Magistrates' Court - RP - 23rd February 2018

(Drink driving case won on a technicality)

Lauren and the team at M.A.J. Law were outstanding from the start; very professional and always kept me up to date.

I was over the limit and it wasn’t looking good, however they managed to spot a technicality that would have easily been overlooked by an untrained eye.

It was not cheap, but it worth every penny. I give nothing but thanks and praise for Lauren and the team at M.A.J. Law.

Colchester Magistrates' Court - JH - 14th February 2018

(Drug Driving Case – 800µg Benzoylecgonine)

I can understand why M.A.J Law are a 5 star firm. I first spoke with Robert Earl who was extremely helpful. He advised me in detail about the allegation against me and discussed all my options.

6 weeks later and it is all over. I have no criminal record and have held onto my licence.

Thank you!


Newcastle Magistrates' Court - TR - 9th February 2018

(Case dropped at trial)

A friend referred me to M.A.J Law after I was accused of committing a motoring offence.

After many months the CPS dropped my case after realising they didn’t have sufficient evidence to convict me.

I would not hesitate to instruct them again and to recommend them to other motorists – a huge thank you to Kate and the team at M.A.J Law!

Peterborough Magistrates' Court - GS - 6th February 2018

(Drink driving case dismissed)

We would like to thank you for your help and advice in this matter. I really do appreciate it.

If anyone reading this finds themselves in a similar situation, I would urge them to call the team at M.A.J Law, even just for free initial advice.


Bromley Magistrates' Court - LD - 2nd February 2018

(Drink Driving – successful outcome at first appearance)


Thank you for the specialist representation. I suffer with extreme anxiety and my solicitor, Kate Johnson, was extremely reassuring. Kate knew far more than anyone else in court, including the judge!

I cannot thank Kate and the team enough.


Birmingham Magistrates' Court - JO - 26th January 2018

(‘In charge’ of a motor vehicle – case dropped)

I would like to thank Kate and the team at M.A.J Law. I could not have got this outcome without you.

A fantastic team that are always happy to help.

Thank you!

Wimbledon Magistrates' Court - TH - 23rd January 2018

(Arrested for drink driving following vehicle collision)

I was represented today by specialist solicitor John Dove. John was confident in his mannerisms and assertive in court – it was clear that he knew far more than anyone else. The magistrates didn’t question his submissions and instead focused on the CPS, who hadn’t served the correct evidence. The worry and anxiety has gone.

I’ve met the whole M.A.J team and they’re all fantastic. I’d encourage anyone in a similar situation to have a chat with Conor, John, Marcus, David or Robert. The initial advice is free.

Thanks again.

Gloucester Magistrates' Court - DF - 15th January 2018

(Drug Driving case dropped by CPS)


I highly recommend M.A.J Law. They kept me informed throughout the case and never lost interest, despite it taking a couple of months to resolve.

A few days before my trial I got a phone call from David McChrystal saying the case had been dropped. Costs were also awarded.

Many thanks again, great job!

Sefton Magistrates' Court - RA - 11th January 2018

(Drug Driving case – successful outcome at first appearance)

Dear M.A.J Law

I was seriously impressed with the advice and guidance that I was given, and would recommend your firm to anyone in a similar predicament.

The barrister who represented me in court was outstanding. The way he delt with the CPS had me fighting a smile in the dock!

Many thanks to the team.

Ipswich Magistrates' Court - JB - 9th January 2018

(Drink Driving Case – Blood)

If anyone wants to fight for their licence I would highly recommend your firm.

You’ve been absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance.

Ipswich Magistrates' Court - YS - 1st January 2018

(Drink driving case defended)

A personal, understanding team of specialists. Easily contacted, even out of hours.

Bedlington Magistrates' Court - LK - 21st December 2017

(Drug driving case dismissed despite high reading)


I’m not a regular drug user, but made a poor decision one weekend. The next morning I decided to drive to work. I was pulled over the police for a ‘document check’. I agreed to provide a random drug test and failed. I was in complete shock at the police station. The entire ordeal was a blur.

I instructed M.A.J. Law because they were the best in the business and I had nothing to lose. If I didn’t fight the case, I would be disqualified. If I fought the case and lost, I would be disqualified (the length of ban remains the same). I took the chance and it paid off. The mistakes often made by the CPS as described to be my M.A.J. Law led to the case against me failing.


I cannot thank the team enough and would encourage anyone in a similar position to contact MA.J.


Nottingham Magistrates' Court - OS - 19th December 2017

(Drink Drive Urine Case Dismissed)


A dedicated and friendly team who are ruthless in court. A pleasure to deal with.

Thank you.

Plymouth Magistrates' Court - JS - 11th December 2017

(Failing to provide a blood sample for drug driving – Not Guilty after trial)


My specialist solicitor Marcus Johnstone represented me on the first court date. After taking my instructions, he explained the defence that we were going to rely on (I didn’t even know that a phobia of needles was a defence!). Marcus assured me that it was. I pleaded not guilty.


Marcus informed me that I would need some kind of medical proof of my phobia, so we instructed a Psychotherapist who assessed me for two hours. She concluded that I did have a needle phobia. We served her report on the CPS.


At trial I was represented by Conor Johnstone (who I now know is Marcus’ son) – also a specialist solicitor. He was incredible. I didn’t do myself any favours when giving evidence because I was so nervous, but Conor brought it back when he presented a speech to the court at the end of the trial (which must have lasted 20 minutes!). He meticulously and forensically tore the prosecution’s case to pieces, explaining to the court why the CPS hadn’t provided the necessary evidence. The prosecutor just looked down and didn’t respond.


After 10 minutes the magistrates returned and found me not-guilty. Time to get my life back on track for 2018. Thank you.


Stevenage Magistrates' Court - SF - 6th December 2017

(Failing to provide case – Not Guilty)

I was very impressed with the first class service I received from M.A.J. Law. I was filled with confidence right from the outset. My case was handled excellently and I received frequent updates. Best of all, I saved my licence!

Bournemouth Magistrates' Court - VS - 4th December 2017

(Drink driving case dismissed after the police make crucial errors)


I wish to thank M.A.J. Law for the excellent service they provided. They won my case and avoided a criminal conviction.

I was charged with drink driving after a few drinks the night before.

I panicked and simply instructed the first firm of solicitors I called to represent me at court. I was not really given any detailed advice as to what I should do or how my case would progress. I pleaded not guilty at court as I did not feel that I was over the limit when stopped.

After speaking to M.A.J. Law I was immediately reassured and had confidence that the procedure at the police station had not been correctly completed. Following this conversation I knew I had to change my solicitors and instruct this specialist firm.

They worked tirelessly to obtain the outcome required. M.A.J. Law found flaws with the prosecution case and it was as a result of this keen eye for detail that the case was dismissed.

I would highly recommend M.A.J. Law if anybody finds themselves in a similar predicament

Willesden Magistrates' Court - UH - 29th November 2017

(Drink driving case dropped at trial)

First of all, a huge thank you to yourself and the team at M.A.J. Law.

Your experience shone though, and even the Barrister commented at how thorough and detailed our case was.

He also informed me that the next step will be recovery of my costs from the CPS.

Thank you!


South Sefton Magistrates' Court - RC - 21st November 2017

(Drink Driving case won at Middlesborough Magistrates’ Court)


I’m just emailing to say thank you for the service. I’m very pleased with the result. I was so worried about court but Marcus was very reassuring and knowledgeable. We won the case and now my life can go back to normal. Thank you so much!


Middlesborough Magistrates' Court - BW - 15th November 2017

(Drug Driving case won after forensic report excluded)


I am not a regular user of Cannabis, but do use it occasionally when with friends. I was therefore surprised to hear that my blood result exceeded the legal limit (which I now know to be 2 micrograms).

I instructed M.A.J. Law after speaking with Marcus Johnstone, a specialist solicitor. Marcus explained that even if my result is correct, cases often fail due to mistakes made by the police and CPS. If I was not successful my ban wouldn’t increase, so to me it was a ‘no-brainer’. My licence is my job.

Marcus kept me up to date throughout the process. I even had his direct mobile number so I could contact him on evenings and weekends. The CPS made the exact mistakes that Marcus said they would. They failed to serve evidence when the court told them to. This resulted in evidence being excluded at my trial.

I am so grateful for the hard work and dedication. I will continue to recommend M.A.J. Law to anyone who needs an honest and professional solicitor.

Southend Magistrates' Court - SD - 9th November 2017

(Police lay the incorrect charge) 

I arranged to meet Conor at the M.A.J. Law offices after being charged with drink driving. I had never been in trouble with the police and did not know what to expect.

I provided Conor with a copy of my charge sheet and almost immediately he spotted a problem – the police had charged me with the wrong offence. Conor explained that the police often make silly mistakes like this because they are not familiar with recent changes to the law. It was a huge relief.

Conor sat with me for over 2 hours discussing my case and the options open to me. There was no charge for his time and he did not rush me.

I would urge anyone in my situation to consult a solicitor. It’s important to know that there are options, even if you think you’ve done wrong.

Worcester Magistrates' Court - SJ - 7th November 2017

(Drink driving urine case won after CPS fail to serve the correct evidence)

I was arrested one morning after being over the limit from drinking the evening before. At the police station I provided a urine sample, as the breathalyser was not working and I had difficulties providing a blood sample. I was worried about losing my licence as I need to travel for my work.


I was well supported by John Dove who was excellent and explained each part of the process and what to expect. Conor Johnstone represented me in court and was incredibly knowledgable in drink driving law. After arriving in court for my trial, the charges were dropped due to CPS failing to provide the necessary evidence in time for the trial.


I was so relieved! Big thank you to all at M.A.J. Law.

Wrexham Magistrates' Court - NL - 3rd November 2017

(Drink driving case dropped after the court agree to exclude evidence)


I can’t recommend Conor Johnstone from M.A.J. law enough. He and his team were absolutely amazing. I was arrested for drink driving and released under investigation. 4weeks later the police informed me that they were taking no further action. 6 weeks later they charged me! Conor reassured me throughout the case; I was so worried about losing my license as I have children.


My case got adjourned on the first hearing until a month later. My solicitor argued a number of technical legal points that resulted in the court excluding evidence of the result! I would definately recommend Conor and the team at M.A.J. Law. Thank you.

Gloucester Magistrates' Court - MS - 30th October 2017

(Drink Driving case dropped by CPS)

I would like to emphasise again that I am extremely grateful for your work. Thank you.


Bristol Magistrates' Court - AH - 23rd October 2017

(Client avoid prison)

I was charged with a serious drug related offence which would result in prison time. I would have been entitled to legal aid but decided to pay privately (in my option, privately paid solicitors work harder!). I attended the first court hearing in the Magistrates’ Court with my solicitor, Conor Johnstone. Conor outlined all the options moving forward and defence strategy. We decided not to indicate a plea to the allegation so as to not ‘tip off’ the CPS. The case then went to the Crown Court.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when my solicitor informed me that the CPS had discontinued my case. It’s scary to think that I could have pleaded guilty and would not be in prison. Money well spent. Quality legal representation pays.


Looking forward to my defence costs order!

Liverpool Crown Court - JW - 20th October 2017

(Client avoids ban after CPS ‘lose evidence’)

To think that I am no longer facing a disqualification is a huge relief. All previous solicitors that I had spoken to had rushed through the call and gave me general, basic advice. So it was refreshing when I first called M.A.J. Law and spoke with a specialist solicitor for over an hour. They fully understood my circumstances and could explain my options in a way that made perfect sense to me. I instructed them immediately.


Whilst I never thought I would win my case, I figured there was no harm in trying! 8 weeks later and it’s all over. The CPS dropped my case following procedural mistakes made by the police (which I wasn’t aware of until we checked the evidence).


If you’re in my position, please challenge the case. It may just be worth it.

Brighton Magistrates' Court - MT - 16th October 2017

(Drug Driving Case won after Human Rights argument)


I found myself in an unfortunate situation – being charged with drug driving by being (4 micrograms over the limit). I found M.A.J. Law online and I was impressed, although sceptical at their 100% record.


I found both Conor and Marcus professonal and knowledgeable of the specific law covering drug driving.


Marcus attended my first court hearing with me where I pleaded not guilty and the trial date set. When the trial date arrived, the evidence had only been sent the previous working day. Marcus argued that I could not have a fair trial under Article 6 Human Rights Act.


Marcus advised the prosecution that they could not proceed. The court agreed. The prosecution formally offered ‘no evidence’ and in effect gave up… case closed!


Thank you to the team at M.A.J. Law!

Cannock Magistrates’ Court - DJ - 13th October 2017

(Drink driving case won)

I would like to sincerely thank you and your team of colleagues for the excellent and very professional way that you defended and won my court case. Your team of went to great extremes to get the necessary paperwork and evidence that enabled the case to be won.


Once again I would like to thank everyone that was involved and I will be forever grateful.
Your ever grateful client

Peterborough Magistrates' Court - PM - 3rd October 2017

(Drink driving case defended)

I appreciate all the effort you put in to my case. Thank you for your representation.

Crewe Magistrates' Court - LC - 28th September 2017

(Drink Driving Case defended)

I wanted to let you know that my barrister was, as you said, a truly professional and dedicated barrister. I can’t praise M.A.J. Law enough and I am extremely grateful for your support throughout this experience. I sincerely hope that my barrister will be commended for the manner in which he represented me.

Highbury Magistrates' Court - LG - 28th September 2017

(Drink driving case won – CPS error leads to witness confusion)

I would just like to say a massive thank you for representation at trial.

My solicitor, Conor Johnstone, managed to win what I thought was a completely unwinnable case. I was very impressed with the ease and speed that he recited previous cases to the judges and they immediately ruled in my favour.

Once again, thank you to you and your team, and in the nicest of meanings, I hope that we don’t meet again. I will highly recommend your firm to anybody may need representing.

South Sefton Magistrates' Court - SG - 25th September 2017

(Drink driving case defended)

A very close team of people who know exactly what they’re doing.

Thank you for defending me. I’m so happy I placed my trust in you.


Birmingham Magistrates' Court - JS - 22nd September 2017

(Drug driving case won after CPS prevented from using unfairly obtained evidence)

Please could you pass on my gratitude to all the team involved in my son’s case.

After being advised to plead guilty by another Law firm , I googled alleged drug driving and luckily enough came across M.A.J. Law’s web site.

Communication and support from you was first class, and advice given was second to none.

We were very impressed with the expertise shown in relation to the charge, which was exceptional.

It goes without saying I would recommend anyone to get in contact with M.A.J. Law regardless of what they have been advised previously.

Bristol Magistrates' Court - AH - 15th September 2017

(Magistrates’ dismiss case after officers fail to attend trial)

I was involved in a crash one weekday afternoon. The police arrived and routinely breathalysed both drivers. I was over the limit.


I could not afford (both financially and personally) to lose my licence. So I called a number of specialist firms and decided to instruct M.A.J. Law. They seemed to be the most knowledgable and gave me some hope that I wouldn’t be disqualified.


Conor Johnstone attended my court hearing and fought my corner left, right and centre. He even had the prosecutor referring to the law books! In these circumstances, the true benefit of a specialist was obvious (not just to me but to everyone in court).


My case was dismissed. Thank you.


South Sefton Magistrates' Court - TS - 14th September 2017

(Drug driving case dismissed – CPS fail to serve correct evidence)

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to David McChrystal at M.A.J. Law who have given me a second chance in life and managed to win the case against me for drug driving (under the influence of cannabis).


This event caused me a huge amount for stress, and at times I grew skeptical towards where all the money paid out was going. However, I can truly say that it was definitely worth the stress and money as I am still able to drive and keep my license and not have a criminal record!


David was really professional and kept me updated at every stage. The CPS failed to provide the necessary evidence and most importantly the Toxicology Report to prove the reading in my blood sample. My barrister, who I works exclusively for M.A.J Law, was amazing and was able to use his years of knowledge to persuade the magistrates to rule in my favour.


I can’t thank them all enough for getting my life back on track!

Ipswich Magistrates' Court - JR - 11th September 2017

(Case won at trial – Poorly prepared CPS fail to convince Magistrates)

I cannot believe it. To think that all this is now over and I can get my life back on track is an incredible feeling. You guys are the best in the business.


Thank you.

Folkstone Magistrates' Court - JG - 6th September 2017

(Drink driving case dropped day before trial)

Couldn’t quite believe the news yesterday
I can’t thank you and the team enough, such an incredible weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Please pass on my gratitude to everyone involved. I look forward to hearing what defence costs are awarded.
Many thanks again.

Norwich Magistrates' Court - DS - 1st September 2017

(Drink driving case dropped by CPS) 

Thank you very much for your support throughout my case. John Dove gave me advice every step of the way and was always willing to answer my questions, even out of hours. My barrister was amazing; she was very approachable and professional. I was so delighted that my case had been discontinued before trial. This wouldn’t have been happened without John and the team at M.A.J. Law. The total cost is expensive but worth it, particularly if you value your licence. I am also expecting to get some money back.

Wish you all the best and thank you again for achieving success.

Peterborough Magistrates' Court - AR - 30th August 2017

(Drug driving case dropped by police before charges laid)

I am writing to say how well I felt my case was handled. From the beginning I was given hope that I could be proven not guilty. My specialist solicitor fully explained the areas when common mistakes are made. The fixed fee pricing structure was simple and easy to follow.


Your team handled my case professionally and achieved exactly what you promised. I didn’t even have to go to court.


I would highly recommend this firm.

Copy Lane Police - KW - 25th August 2017

(Police mistakes force CPS to drop serious drug driving case)

I cannot thank the team at M.A.J. Law enough for the work carried out on my case. I was looking at losing both my driving license and my job as a result of my situation, now the charges have been dropped things are back on the right track.

Conor was extremely informative during the initial telephone interview, picking up on every minute detail of the incident and outlining the costs involved clearly so that there were no surprises when it came to billing. David was always on hand for any questions I had, via email and telephone.

Thank you to David, Conor, and the rest of the team working behind the scenes, I couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Brighton Magistrates' Court - RS - 21st August 2017

(Police officer fails to turn up at court for Drug Driving case – charges dismissed)

We are all still all completely shell shocked by the events on Friday. Thank you so much Marcus for attending on Friday and for the fantastic result! We really can’t thank you enough. We also would like to extend our thanks to Conor and the rest of your team for all of their hard work on our behalf. Conor especially has been superb support throughout always at the end of the telephone and our first call to Conor initially gave us the confidence to proceed. I was immensely impressed by Conor’s knowledge on the subject. Without that first step, I shudder to think of the situation we could be in now. No words could ever describe how thankful we are to you all.

Uxbridge Magistrates' Court - RM - 15th August 2017

(Client charged with drink and drug driving – charges dismissed)

Having used several law firms in my time, M.A.J. Law were by far the the best firm that I have instructed. I was able to speak to my solicitor every time I phoned and I was kept updated regularly. Their knowledge of drink driving law was second to none. Had I used any other firm, I am sure that I would now be disqualified from driving. I am now free to carry on driving and continue to run my business. Using their services was worth every penny.

Birmingham Magistrates' Court - TF - 11th August 2017

(Drink driving case won at trial)

M.A.J. Law were fantastic. They had clear fees and dealt with my case professionally throughout. At my trial, M.A.J. Law exposed the failings of the prosecution and this led to me being acquitted.

Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court - GL - 8th August 2017

(Failing to provide case – prison avoided)

M.A.J. Law have achieved exactly what they promised. When I was first charged with the offence, I didn’t realise there were solicitors out there who specialised in defending these cases. I was very sceptical at first, but after speaking to Conor, I knew I was making the right decision.

8 weeks later and it’s all over. I cannot thank the team enough!

Norwich Magistrates' Court - HS - 1st August 2017

(Randox Drug Driving Case dropped by CPS after M.A.J. Law serve expert report)

M.A.J. Law’s service is excellent. This was my very first experience in the court – I didn’t know what to expect. I was so scared but M.A.J. Law reassured me throughout. I cannot thank the team enough. This nightmare has ended.
Thank you MAJ solicitors for given me a new life.
Highly reccommended for those like me.

Warrington Magistrates' Court - RM - 27th July 2017

(Drink driving blood case – evidence excluded at trial)

I truly can’t thank M.A.J Law enough for all the hard work they have put into my case, from the moment I contacted them I was put at ease. The case went on for a lengthy 7 months. John was brilliant, he was always willing to answer any questions I had and kept me fully updated at all times, also kept me calm when I was upset. The CPS did not comply with all the rules that were set in regard to providing the correct evidence in my case. They also kept trying to change my trial date but with a firm response from John the CPS backed down. I arrived on the day of trial and my barrister was absolutely amazing. After 3 hours of him defending my case, the magistrates decided to dismiss the blood evidence as it didn’t comply with certain rules. I honestly can’t thank M.A.J. Law. Without them I would have had a minimum 12 month ban and a criminal record… all I can say is thank you for giving me my life back. I was so afraid that I couldn’t take my son to his extra curriculum activities.. honestly words can not describe how thankful I am.

Ealing Magistrates' Court - SF - 21st July 2017

(Drug Driving allegation dropped by CPS)

M.A.J. Law are absolute specialists in this area. I was charged with drug driving. My barrister travelled from London to represent me at Manchester Magistrates’ Court (for no extra cost). He convinced the CPS to dismiss the case against me within 15 minutes of arriving at court. A real team of experts. Thank you.

Manchester Magistrates' Court - RK - 18th July 2017

(Drug driving case won)

M.A.J. Law saved my license and possibly my job. The service they provide is 10 out of 10. John and Conor were very helpful and always kept me updated. I’d recommend M.A.J. Law to anyone that is dealing with a motoring offence. If I ever find myself in a similar situation again, I’ll be certain to call them immediately.

Crewe Magistrates' Court - MS - 11th July 2017

(Randox Drug Driving Case Dropped)

M.A.J. Law solicitors have been overseeing my case for the past 7 months. They were referred to me by a friend’s solicitor as they specialise in drink/drug driving cases. I cannot fault the service they provided, nor the outcome at trial. It was dragged through court by the prosecution despite little evidence. I was reassured throughout the process that they were confident in beating the allegation. They were right.

I would highly recommend M.A.J. Law to anyone who’s life will be greatly affected by losing their licence.

Stockport Magistrates' Court - MF - 4th July 2017

(Drug driving case dropped by police before first court hearing)

I would just like to say a big thank to you and everyone that was involved with the case. I was suspected of drug driving. Before I was formally charged, my solicitors made contact with the police and raised some concerns about my treatment at the police station. Once again thank you.

Crewe Magistrates' Court - MC - 28th June 2017

(Drug Driving blood case dismissed at trial)

This was a real learning curve for me. I have never been in trouble with the law & after all the stress & sleepless nights I really thought I would have to resign from my job, at a time when there are too many people relying on me. I only smoked cannabis occasionally & the fact that I could lose my license over that really woke me up. It’s a penalty I can not afford to live with.

The best decision I ever made was trusting M.A.J. Law & their team of experts, they really are EXPERTS in this field. My barrister was amazing & knowledgeable; the prosecution & the legal advisor were referring to him FOR THE LAW ON DRUG DRIVING as no one was as familiar with this matter as he was.
Very impressive & once again thank you to everyone at M.A.J. Law that has helped me win my case.

Willesden Magistrates' Court - RS - 23rd June 2017

(Drink driving case dropped at trial)

M.A.J. Law is a name you can trust if you ever get into a difficult situation. Trust these guys, they are true professionals and know exactly what they are doing. John Dove did terrific work to get my case discontinued before trial, gave me comprehensive advice every step of the way and was always happy to answer any questions I had, even at unsociable hours! My barrister was amazing in dealing with court smoothly.

When I received a call from John to inform me that the CPS had dropped my case, it was a great relief. This would not have happened without John and the super smart team at M.A.J. Law. They have a fixed pricing policy and total transparency in the cots. I am also expecting to get some of my costs back.

Wish you all the best and thank you again for achieving success.

Uxbridge Magistrates' Court - VR - 6th June 2017

(Drink driving blood case won at trial)

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone at your firm for helping me win my case. My solicitor made me feel as comfortable as possible and gave me straight-talking realistic advice. I owe my continued independence (and my continued employment!) to the team at M.A.J. Law.

Peterborough Magistrates' Court - NH - 6th June 2017

(Drink driving case – charges dropped)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to David and the team at M.A.J. Law team. I have just returned from Ealing Magistrates’ Court after being cleared of Drink Driving. I was facing a 3 year ban as it was my second time. From the beginning I knew I was working with one of the best motoring defence firms in the UK, very professional and knowledgable. My specialist barrister was absolutely brilliant in court – I could not be happier. If anyone is facing a drink driving conviction, I would recommend M.A.J. Law in a heart beat!

Ealing Magistrates' Court - RS - 1st June 2017

(Drug driving case dropped by CPS – Unreliable blood result)

I was charged with drug driving after providing a positive blood sample (12 microgrammes of THC). If convicted, I would undoubtedly lose my job and even my home.

I instructed M.A.J. Law after spending around an hour on the phone to Conor Johnstone. They spent time discussing the case with me and outlining my options in clear terms. I knew that they had an impressive track record when dealing with drug driving cases, and felt comforted by the fact that there were no guarantees (and no sales pitch) given to me during the call. I knew that I was paying for specialist solicitors to challenge the prosecution’s evidence.

Long story short, 3 months after instructing M.A.J. Law my case was dropped by the CPS. M.A.J. Law work with a forensic toxicologist (name withheld) who tore apart the laboratory data provided by the CPS. He found numerous mistakes with the analytical technique and was able to explain the significance of these failings in a detailed report. The CPS dropped the case shortly after we served the report.

I cannot thank the team enough. Highly recommended.

West Midlands - TF - 31st May 2017

(Drink driving case dismissed following Section 78 application to exclude evidence) 

I would like to pass on my thanks and gratitude to David McChrystal and his legal team at M.A.J. Law with regard to their representation of my recent alleged motoring matter (driving with excess alcohol).

M.A.J. Law guided me and gave me excellent professional and informative advice throughout the various stages of the legal process. From charge to Magistrates’ Court appearance.

Due to M.A.J. Law’s specialist legal knowledge and expertise, my case was thrown out of Court, due to insufficient evidence. This specialist insight prevented me from facing an unfair disqualification from driving of between 12-18 months, a criminal conviction and a heavy fine.

A conviction would have severely affected my working life. I am very grateful to M.A.J. Law.

I would have no hesitation in recommending M.A.J. Law to anyone in the same situation, they were amazing.


Wimbledon Magistrates' Court - GW - 30th May 2017

(Drink Driving case dismissed)

I would like to thank M.A.J. Law for supporting me in my court case which has now been resolved with no further action. You provided a good, helpful and professional service. Your team was friendly and I was happy with how my case was handled. I would recommend M.A.J. Law to any person in a similar situation.

Redditch Magistrates' Court - JH - 25th May 2017

(Drink driving urine case won at trial)

Many thanks to John Dove and the team at M.A.J. Law, who helped me with my case. MAJ Law are 100% down the line and I would highly recommend them. I won my case.

Beverley Magistrates' Court - LR - 17th May 2017

(Drink driving case won at trial)

I would like to say a big thank you to Marcus and the rest of his team for all the assistance with my son’s case. The support we received was amazing, my son has got his life back due to the hard work, knowledge and dedication they put into his case which we won, thank you so much for all your help and a big thank you to John Dove for all your hard work.

Oxford Magistrates' Court - SG - 15th May 2017

(Drink Drive case dropped at trial – insufficient evidence)

I just wanted to contact you to say thank you so, so, so much for everything you did for me, I feel I didn’t thank you enough at the time and I don’t think I ever can.  You kept me calm even though I was a wreck, you explained everything so clearly and made sure I understood everything that was going on – and I was right to trust you.  I trusted you from the first minute I met you and I’m so glad I did.  Your superior expertise and knowledge proved far too much for the prosecution and your calm, cool manor was amazing.  You will never know what you have done for myself and my family.  I had no idea how I was going to tell the girls about it and that all their school clubs were going to have to stop, their evening football training was going to have to stop, their weekend football matches were going to have to stop and their life was going to have to change dramatically.   You prevented all of this from happening and I am beyond grateful.  You are an amazing solicitor and an amazing person.  Thank you doesn’t seem enough to show you my gratitude. I will be forever grateful that I had you to represent me.  It was a pleasure meeting you.

Preston Magistrates' Court - LW - 9th May 2017

(Drug Driving case dropped at first court hearing)

I would just like to say a big thank you to the team at M.A.J. Law, and in particular Conor Johnstone who represented me at court and managed to persuade the CPS to drop the drug driving charge against me.

I cannot thank you all enough for getting me through this stressful period of my life! If anyone is thinking about fighting a drug driving allegation, then I would seriously recommend instructing M.A.J. Law, they are absolute specialists in this area.

Preston Magistrates' Court - TV - 4th May 2017

(Drink Driving case dropped 10 minutes before trial due to start)

I feel proud to have instructed M.A.J. Law to defend my case. Trust these guys, they know exactly what they are doing. John did a terrific work to get my case discontinued before trial. My barrister was amazing in dealing with court smoothly. Wish you all the best and thank you again for achieving success.

Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court - CM - 27th April 2017

(Drink driving case won at trial)

I would like to say a big thank you to Marcus and the rest of his team for all the assistance with my case. I am able to go back to work and move forward with my life.

Again, many thanks and very best regards

Sefton Magistrates' Court - AS - 24th April 2017

(Drink Driving Blood Case Dropped)

I would like to thank Conor and his team for their perseverance in dealing with my case.

I was involved in an accident on the M25 in May 2016 where I was hit by an uninsured driver. I was breathalysed and blew 55 micrograms on the roadside. Due to a pre-existing back condition which lead to me being registered as disabled, the Police had to take me to the nearest Accident and Emergency hospital to be examined.

When I arrived at the hospital due to the extreme pain, the doctor’s administered liquid morphine, diclofenac and co-codamol. Once the medication took affect I had no recollection of the following events. My family was called by the Police Officer, when they arrived I was out cold. A doctor was then instructed to take a blood sample from me. My family waited in reception for a further 45 minutes and was eventually allowed to take me home and the Police bailed me to attend the Police station in July.

I rang the Police to find out which Police Station I needed to attend. I heard nothing. I was contacted by the Police Officer during the August bank holiday weekend asking me to attend the Police Depot on the M11 to provide a statement! I attended in September where the Police tried to intimidate me into accepting their facts as part of my statement. I was then presented with my blood results which showed that I had 106 micrograms of alcohol in my blood. The Police charged me with Drink Driving! I was at the end of my tether as I am registered disabled and need my car for mobility purposes.

After a quick search on the internet, I came across MAJ Law’s website and their number. I read through all the testimonials and I thought if anyone could help me, these people can! I called them on a Friday night and left a message. My call was returned by Conor who came me invaluable free advice. He informed that the Police have set procedures that they need to follow and that by my description of events, it was evident that they had not followed these procedures. This advice gave me the hope that I could possibly fight the case!

I attended court with my sister in December where I entered a “Not Guilty” plea. The magistrates were so shocked that they kept me there all day and eventually heard my case at 4:30 in the afternoon. They tried their best to intimidate me but I stuck to my guns and more importantly to Conor’s advice! The court accepted my argument, and adjournment the hearing so that I could be represented by my solicitiors. I arranged for payment to be sent to Conor and was represented at my next hearing in January 2017. At that hearing, the Judge instructed the CPS that they had to provide all the evidence held against me and that the CPS were also instructed to provide MAJ Law with the toxicology report within 6 weeks. The case was adjoured to 21st April 2017.

I was kept informed throughout each stage of my case by Conor. On 19th April Conor informed me that the CPS had requested another adjournment, Conor contacted the court and asked for this to be refused as the prosecution had been given ample time to gather their evidence and more importantly they failed to provide us with a copy of the toxicology report! Today, 20th April!!!! Conor informed me that the case had been dropped and that there would be no further action! To say I am relieved is an understatement!!!! I can now carry on with concentrating on my health!

Once again, MAJ Law thank you! I cannot recommend them enough!

Banbury Magistrates' Court - RR - 20th April 2017

(Drink Driving allegation dropped)

A huge error of judgement led to me being charged with drink driving. I need my licence for work (and to pay my mortgage). Being disqualified simply wasn’t an option.

I instructed M.A.J. Law after a recommendation from a close friend. M.A.J. Law are specialists in this field and have a very impressive track-record. My solicitor was easy to contact, even on weekends.

I received a call from M.A.J. Law today to inform me that the CPS have dropped my case. I’m not quite sure how M.A.J. Law did it, but it’s all over. Thank you.

Macclesfield Magistrates' Court - KT - 13th April 2017

(Drink Driving urine case victory)

M.A.J. Law are the best in the business. They didn’t just save my licence, they saved my job and my home.

Give them a call.

Colchester Magistrates' Court - DM - 10th April 2017

(Drink Driving Breath Case)

I’ve struggled with depression for over 5 years. Anyone with a mental illness will know how difficult it can be to get the right help, at the right time. I’m the first to admit that during difficult periods I’m very quick to look for an ‘escape’. Unfortunately alcohol was my chosen method. Consequently, this led to me being arrested for drink driving. I was facing a minimum 18 month disqualification.

I knew that if I lost my job, my condition would deteriorate. My job gave me stability and routine – two things that can be very helpful when suffering from a mental illness.

I first spoke with M.A.J. Law a week before my first court hearing. They discussed my options in detail and were even able to identify defences arising out of my mental condition (this related to the police sergeant not calling an appropriate adult during the breath procedure). The solicitor who I spoke with (Conor Johnstone) put my mind at ease straight away. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts.

My case has now concluded and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I’ve finally found a firm of solicitors who do what they promise.

Manchester Magistrates' Court - CL

(Drink Driving case dropped following wasted costs application) 

I was charged with drink driving after flipping my van on the motorway. Fortunately, no one was injured. A sample of blood was taken by the police at hospital four hours later.

Due to failings by the CPS to provide evidence, my solicitors had to attend three additional hearings on my behalf.

Shortly before the trial, my solicitors lodged a wasted costs application. They argued that the CPS were responsible for the additional costs that I had incurred in funding the additional hearings. These hearings would not have been necessary had the CPS served the correct evidence.

On the morning of the trial the CPS approached me and offered a deal – if we drop the wasted costs claim, they will drop the drink driving allegation. I accepted without hesitation.

A great strategy employed by a first-class firm. Time to put this behind me and get on with my life!


Blackburn Magistrates' Court - SW - 28th March 2017

(Drink Driving prison avoided)

I was stopped by the police after other motorists reported me for driving erratically. They alleged that I had driven dangerously on the motorway. I provided a positive roadside breath reading of 105 micrograms. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at the police station, this had risen to 115 micrograms. I was charged with drink driving and dangerous driving.

My case was first heard in the Magistrates’ court where I pleaded not guilty. However, the magistrates decided that the allegation was too serious and that it should be dealt with in the Crown Court (trial by jury). The magistrates also felt that 6 months in prison was not sufficient.

M.A.J. Law were more than just solicitors. Over the course of the proceedings I developed a very good working relationship with them. They were friendly, professional and supportive throughout the ordeal. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

6 months later and it’s all over. My solicitors forced the CPS to drop the dangerous driving allegation. I avoided prison and community service.

Once again, thank you.

Milton Keynes Crown Court - RK - 21st March 2017

(Case Dropped due to “CPS mistakes”)

I want to thank Marcus and his team for a successful outcome in my case. When I first contacted Marcus he spoke on the phone to me for over an hour. He explained many other ways we could win my case. I decided to engage his help and the prosecution eventually decided to drop the case before the trial because of all the mistakes in preparing their case which meant they could not achieve a conviction.

This has been a stressful experience for us, but Marcus & Co. have made it as easy as possible. A great outcome, well worth it.

I have no hesitation in recommending M.A.J. Law and Marcus to anyone.

Thanks again for a successful result. I look forward to recovering my legal fees from the court.

Wellingborough Magistrates' Court - DW - 14th March 2017

(Drink Driving Blood Case dropped at Trial)

I unfortunately put myself in a vulnerable situation involving a road traffic collision. The police believed I had been driving under the influence of alcohol. I was taken to hospital for my injuries and had a blood sample taken for alcohol analysis. I didn’t know what to do and telling my family what had happened was most definitely the worst moment of my life.

I am glad to say that with my family’s help I began my research for a defence solicitor immediately and was in awry at the range of firms on the internet and the showmanship that accompanies some! What we wanted, and needed, was common sense advice and the truth. My Father spoke to several solicitors and was most impressed by his initial conversation with Conor Johnstone from M.A.J. Law. Whilst being understanding and supportive of our situation, he gave good honest advice about the options open to me. We instructed him the next day still not knowing if there was a case to answer.

In the eventually, I am very glad we did as we shortly received a phone call from the Officer in charge of the case asking me to ‘pop in’ to the Police Station for a ‘chat’. He told me that I would be out before the computer had booted up. I was suspicious to say the least and asked Conor to attend with me. Whilst at the police station, they informed me that the blood result was positive.

I chose to plead not guilty at the initial hearing following very detailed and lengthy advice. I admit, I would have liked to speak to Conor on the phone every day just for reassurance but a family friend who is a solicitor in a different area advised us to try and relax and that he would be in touch when he had something to tell us. How very true that turned out to be and when the correspondence came it Conor supplied us with very detailed and thorough advice. It was a long three and a half months to the trial date and with every day that the case was not dropped by the CPS I became less optimistic.

On the day of the trial, my specialist barrister successfully opposed the CPS’s application for an adjournment. The CPS said they had no evidence to offer and the case was dismissed.

I cannot thank Conor enough. My life would have been in tatters if I had lost my Driving Licence as I need both this and a clear DBS for work. Four years of hard work to obtain a Masters Degree would have been wasted. The cost is about standard for this kind of specialist advice and pales into insignificance when you consider future loss of earnings.

Thank you so much Conor and M.A.J. for giving me the opportunity to put my life back on track. I cannot speak highly enough of you.

Liverpool Magistrates' Court - DC - 7th March 2017

(Drug Driving Blood Case dropped following first court hearing)

I was charged with drug driving after providing a sample in excess of the prescribed limit for Cocaine. I chose not to analyse my own sample and waited to see what the police said. 6 weeks later they called me to tell me I was twice the legal limit and would be going to court. I spoke to Conor Johnstone, a solicitor at M.A.J. Law following a simple Google search. They were the most knowledgable and professional.

I had concerns from the outset that my analysis was inaccurate. I’m not denying that I consumed the drug, I just don’t accept that I would have been over at the time of driving. My solicitor was able to obtain the technical laboratory data pack from the CPS which contained information relating to calibration checks etc… He found fault with the information and invited the CPS to drop the case. I wasn’t convinced they would. But I’m pleased to say that I was wrong. Within 4 weeks of M.A.J. Law taking on my case, the CPS had chosen not to continue.

A nightmare over. Thank you.

Calderdale Magistrates' Court - RJ - 27th February 2017

(Drink Driving Case discontinued prior to trial)

First class service by real professionals. I cannot thank M.A.J. Law enough.

Wembley Magistrates' Court - PY - 20th February 2017

(Drug Driving Ban avoided)

M.A.J. truly deserve their status as the best motoring defence firm in the UK.

I cannot praise their efforts enough. I avoided a criminal conviction and a long disqualification. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Thanks again to the team.

Maidstone Magistrates' Court - TE - 14th February 2017

(Drink Drive case won at trial – Magistrates return a “Not Guilty” verdict)

I would like to say a huge thanks to David & M.A.J. Law  for helping me with my drink drive case. I was just over the prescribed limit and facing the prospect of a lengthy disqualification. M.A.J. Law were very professional and supportive throughout the proceedings. They tore the prosecution to pieces during my trial. The court returned a ‘not-guilty’ verdict.

I’m from London and I would recommend M.A.J. Law to anyone who needs help or advice with a similar situation.

Basildon Magistrates' Court - PW - 6th February 2017

(Failing to provide allegation – Charges dropped by CPS)

I want to thank M.A.J. Law for all their hard work throughout this ordeal.

I have been under immense stress recently after a brush with cancer. On the day in question I had been to see my GP regarding a shadow on my lung.

Once home, I had a couple of drinks to relax. Shortly after, to my surprise, the police arrived. I was asked to provide a breath sample but I was unable to do so. I was charged with failing to provide a specimen for analysis. The minimum disqualification I was facing was 12 months.

From the get-go, M.A.J. Law provided me with clear advice as to how to deal with this matter. They were extremely knowledgeable, caring and professional. They provided me with hope when other solicitors had simply written my case off. I attended court with my solicitor and pleaded not-guilty. The CPS were given 28 days to serve the evidence against me.

I decided to take a ‘back seat’ and let my solicitors fight the case. After all, I had enough on my plate to worry about. 14 days before my trial date my solicitor called me with the best news – the CPS had dropped my case.

I cannot thank M.A.J. Law enough for what they have done for me. This is one less thing to worry about. I can now focus on making a full recovery in 2017.

High Wycombe Magistrates' Court - MP - 30th January 2017

(Drink Driving High Breath Reading)

I was recently caught drink driving with a breath reading of 104µg%. This is more than 3 times the legal limit and I was particularly concerned as this wasn’t my first offence. After phoning around, I instructed M.A.J. Law as they filled me with confidence from the initial call. I am 100% convinced that I made the right decision. They kept me updated throughout, gave realistic advice and the barrister at court fought my case tooth and nail. Great service from genuine specialists. Recommend to all.

23rd January 2017 - LL - Bexley Magistrates' Court

(Drink Driving case at Horsham Magistrates’ Court)

May I take this opportunity to thank you are your staff for the help given in my recent drink/driving case on the 17th January. The skill and professionalism of our barrister and the excellent argument put at my closing speech ensured the best possible outcome. We are happy it’s all over and extremely happy with the result.

Please accept our sincere thanks and pass on our appreciation to the barrister, who we cannot praise highly enough.

Horsham Magistrates' Court - MB - 17th January 2017

(Drink Driving charges dropped – CPS accept ‘insufficient evidence”)

I’m not going to bore you with the details of my case, but I was arrested and charged with drink driving.

I spoke to M.A.J. Law Solicitors and they provided me with free initial advice over the phone. It was clear that they were specialists from the outset. Granted their costs are higher than general crime firms, but they do what they promise. For me, avoiding a conviction is worth far more than their legal fees.

Two months later and the CPS have dropped the case against me. I remember my solicitor phoning me to tell me the good news. I just couldn’t believe it. For them, it happens everyday.

M.A.J. Law clearly know something that other solicitors don’t, as from what I read online, winning a drink driving case is a rarity! This is simply not true if you instruct M.A.J. Law.

A mistake I won’t make again.

York Magistrates' Court - TM - 12th January 2017

(Drug Driving Case dropped before first court hearing)

I was arrested on suspicion of drug driving after failing a roadside swab test. I was taken to the police station where a sample of my blood was collected. I was informed by an officer that the legal drug driving limits are set very low, meaning nearly all those arrested on suspicion of drug driving will be taken to court. Before I was released from the station, I was given part of my blood specimen for my own analysis.

I spent the following day searching online for specialist solicitors who could explain the process to me and discuss my options. I spoke initially with two or three firms who claim to be specialists, but didn’t know much about drug driving. They were also charging a huge amount. It was then that I stumbled across M.A.J. Law Solicitors. From the outset, they were professional, knowledgable and – most importantly – affordable. That’s not to say that they were ‘cheap’, but with the fixed fees proposed, it was a risk I was willing to take. I instructed M.A.J. Law immediately.

Because I had to wait for my blood to be analysed, I was bailed back to the police station, rather than taken straight to court. This is because the police needed to be sure that I was over the limit before laying charges (although I was certain I would be because my own sample came back over). My solicitor explained the benefits of contacting the police before my bail-back date. He said that if we inform the police that we will be checking the evidence against me, they may be willing to drop the case if mistakes were made, rather than pushing a hopeless case to court – which they may do if they think I’ll just plead guilty. He said that there was ‘nothing to lose’ by doing this because if we don’t, I’ll be charged anyway.

Within a day my solicitor had written  to the police expressing his concerns with the strength of the evidence against me and the accuracy of the police procedure. 14 days later, I received an NFA notice (no further action). The case didn’t even go to court. I could not believe it.

I honestly cannot thank M.A.J. Law enough. Entering 2017 with a criminal record would have been awful. I can now get back on track and focus on enjoying the New Year. Thanks again.

Milton Keynes - RL - 29th December 2016

(Failing to provide a specimen case dropped by lazy CPS who failed to serve evidence)

I am pleased to recommend Marcus Johnstone and his team at M.A.J. Law Ltd whom have managed my representation in the prior months.

Marcus and his team are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They have a keen ability in judging circumstance just over the phone and will give you realistic expectations of any position you may be in. They will also invest their time and resources into any situation in a discreet and trustworthy manner.

Overall I can not praise M.A.J. Law enough and I am truly thankful for all your help.

Bury & Rochdale Magistrates' Court - CM - 20th December 2016

(Drink driving case discontinued at trial – Post Driving Consumption of alcohol)

Thank you for your expertise in my case. The expert (BAC Calculation) report which you arranged was critical in my case. I am so please I instructed M.A.J. Law to represent me and I would recommend this firm to anyone that ends up being accused of drink driving. Your communication from the very start put my mind at rest and continued to do so every step of the way. I have never been so stressed! Without M.A.J. Law I would have lost everything. Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Sunderland Magistrates' Court - MH - 19th December 2016

(Drink Driving case won at Derby Magistrates’ Court for 19 year old)

We have just returned from a nerve racking court case at Derby Magistrates’ this morning.

The specialist Barrister was brilliant. He successfully opposed the CPS’s application for an adjournment. The CPS said they had no evidence and the case was dismissed.

I just wanted to pass on our most heartfelt thanks to you and the team for all the hard work and support you have given us to date.

H is only 19 and this would have had a huge impact on him. He has also had the opportunity to learn a big lesson in life without being banned so a somber and quiet young man came home today.

David McChrystal updated us frequently throughout the process and kept all his promises. He has been non judgemental, kind and considerate throughout the whole ordeal. He has really been fantastic, professional and supportive all the way through.

We hoped but didn’t think we would be able to have such great news today and I hope we never have to go through anything like this again but M.A.J. Law have really delivered, so thanks to all.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Derby Magistrates' Court - HM - 13th December 2016

(Successful Post Driving Consumption defence)

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marcus and all the staff at M.A.J Law for their hard work through this horrendous ordeal.

I was arrested on suspicion of drink driving following a collision with another vehicle. The police attended my property and I was taken to the hospital wherein the police took a sample of blood for analysis. The results came back that I was over the prescribed drink drive limit and I was formally charged with the offence.

I was at risk of losing my job and my home. As such I sought out legal advice and I contacted M.A.J Law Ltd who put me at ease immediately. They explained the process involved and spoke to me in simple terms rather than confusing me with legal jargon.

My defence was post driving consumption of alcohol. My solicitors obtained all the necessary evidence to support this.

Marcus attended my trial and highlighted the errors within the prosecution evidence. The CPS had failed to ensure that their key toxicologist witness should be in attendance at the trial. As a result, without this witness they had no proof of the blood test reading and my case was dismissed.

Again, I cannot thank Marcus and his team enough and would recommend this firm to anyone who should have the misfortune of finding themselves in a similar predicament.

Ealing Magistrates' Court - TB - 5th December 2016

(London CPS drop case after failing to serve evidence) 

I am relieved to have found M.A.J. Law to represent me during my case, professional service from beginning to end, solid advice and a positive attitude. My case was resolved and license was retained. Would highly recommend.

Uxbridge Magistrates' Court - BJ - 29th November 2016

(Failing to provide allegation dropped at trial)

Thank you very much to all at M.A.J. Law, but most importantly to David McChrystal who was an absolute pleasure to work with. After I was stopped for a suspected drink driving offence I was very confused and worried. I was not able to blow properly at the police station and therefore asked to appear in court for failing to provide sample of breath. I didn’t know whether to plead guilty or not as I had received mixed advice from various friends.

My wife told me to consult a solicitor. I googled and found lots of solicitors online, all claiming to be specialists. I spoke to a few and got more confused and many were charging far too much. I then spoke to David and felt really comfortable and confident. One thing I liked about M.A.J. Law was their transparency with costs (all fixed fees). Finally, on the day of trial the police decided to drop the case and I was a free man again. I will recommend M.A.J. Law to anyone who needs help with a drink driving or failing to provide case. Once again, thanks for your help.

Willesden Magistrates' Court - RS - 28th November 2016

(Drug Driving Appeal Victory – Conviction Quashed) 

We can’t thank you enough for all your advice and help. We are so grateful to you for encouraging us to appeal.  Thank you to the entire team. We had a superb win against all odds.

I would recommend you to anyone charged with a driving offence.  Thank you all once again for all that you did

Caernarfon Crown Court - JT - 21st November 2016

(Drug driving charges drop) 

I was arrested on suspicion of drug driving. The police took a specimen of urine from me at the station. Lab results came back positive. Resigned to a lengthy ban and worse, I called several driving specialists with a view to getting the ban reduced. Last of all called Marcus Johnstone, a specialist solicitor. I felt very comfortable with Marcus. He explained all my options and even informed me that the police had charged me with the wrong offence, which no other solicitor had noticed. Marcus advised that I plead not guilty.

I was told of costs straight away with fixed fee plans.

As I was at risk of losing my job I decided to instruct Marcus and plead not guilty. The CPS claimed to have the correct evidence, but couldn’t produce it. Marcus attended my trial and outlined the errors with the prosecution’s case. The CPS accepted their mistakes and dismissed the drug driving charge against me.

I would like to thank Marcus, Conor and team for all the help they have given me. I would ask anyone in the same position as me to speak with their team.

Bexley Magistrates' Court - TH - Drug Driving Charges Dropped - 21st November 2016

I was charged with drink driving having blown twice the legal limit. I was completely at a loss. I thought my only option is to accept a stupid mistake and plead guilty.

Not necessarily the case.. When I first spoke to M.A.J. Law, I realised for the first time that I had a means of defending myself. The opportunity to avoid a disqualification. An outcome that would devastate my work and private life – without even considering the humiliation that comes with having to make such circumstances public.

To stand up in court and plead not guilty makes you feel as though you have a chance, but no guarantees.

When I received a call from Marcus to inform me that the CPS had dropped my case, it was a great relief. This would not have happened without Marcus, Conor and the team at M.A.J. Law. It really was a team effort. They kept me informed every step of the way and were always available for questions, even on the weekend. With fixed pricing you know exactly what it will cost. I can also expect to get some of my costs back.

Thanks again M.A.J. Law.

Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court - EL - 18th November 2016
I was arrested for drink driving following a car accident.
I sought legal advice as a conviction would impact my work opportunities, and a ban would make it difficult looking after my disabled mother.
M.A.J. Law were excellent. They truely lived up to thier claim of being experts in motoring related cases.
Conor Johnstone was fantastic at keeping me calm and focused, clearly explaining all of the possible strategies, and supporting me from start to finish.
Marcus Johnstone was outstanding.  If you can spend the extra to get him to represent you, I highly recommend that you do. His knowledge, attention to detail and ability flex between strategies was the reason we won the case.
A huge thank you to all at M.A.J. Law. This was money well spend and I am very pleased with the outcome.
Reading Magistrates' Court - SF - 16th November 2016

Many thanks to David and the team at M.A.J. Law. I was stopped for drink driving in September 2016. Before speaking to M.A.J. Law, I thought my only option was to plead guilty and take my disqualification.

When I first called M.A.J. Law, I spent over an hour on the phone to a specialist solicitor. I instructed M.A.J. Law the following day.

I attended my first court hearing with my solicitor and pleaded not guilty. The court then set a date for trial.

Last week I received a call from my solicitor. The CPS have dropped my case. It’s all over and I won’t have to go back to court.

I can’t thank M.A.J. Law enough.

Bromley Magistrates' Court - FS - 11th November 2016

I would like to thank Marcus and his team for helping me avoid a conviction and driving ban after blowing nearly twice the legal limit. After reading the reviews on the M.A.J. Law’s website I was hopeful but a little sceptical, and wondered how so many people could get away with it. I decided to instruct M.A.J. Law after speaking with Marcus Johnstone on the phone. Marcus is very knowledgable and was extremely confident from the outset.

Throughout the ordeal, I was kept frequently updated by Marcus who always knew exactly what was happening.

4 months later and I’m delighted to say that I avoided a conviction. I was surprised by the amount of silly mistakes made by the police and CPS. I would recommend M.A.J. Law Solicitors to anyone going through something similar.

Thank you once again!

Liverpool Magistrates' Court - MT - 31st October 2016

I was a professional driver charged with drink driving. I sought legal advice because it was imperative that I didn’t lose my driving licence. After a quick internet search, I chose to approach M.A.J. Law because their website was both user-friendly & very informative, and because they offered a fixed fee service.

Thanks to their professional advice and services I was able to win my case and keep both my licence and my livelihood.

Croydon Magistrates' Court - KG - 28th October 2016

I was involved in an road traffic accident and taken to hospital as a result. The police attended and I was required to provide a urine sample. My sample results indicated that I was over the prescribed drink drive limit when driving my car.

The whole process did not feel right. This prompted me to call M.A.J. Law Solicitors, who had been recommended by a friend. I instructed them during the initial phone call.

M.A.J. provided me with a fantastic service. They gave me comprehensive advice every step of the way and were always happy to answer any questions I had, even at unsociable hours!

My solicitors reviewed my case in great depth and established that the procedure carried out by the police at the hospital was incorrect. The law states that I had to provide 2 specimens of urine within one hour. The time between my samples was significantly shorter. My solicitor explained how this can adversely affect the reliability of the urine result. They also produced a detailed letter, known as a skeleton argument, which was sent to the CPS for consideration. I won my case at trial.

My case was dealt with by people who know best how to deal with these things. The outcome was far better than I could ever imagine. I cannot thank M.A.J. Law Solicitors enough for the hard work, diligence and meticulous attention to detail.

Hereford Magistrates' Court - IG - 25th October 2016

I had been charged with Drug Driving (4 microgrammes of THC per 1 litre of blood). My Solicitor, Conor Johnstone, attended my first court hearing at Chester Magistrates’ Court. The prosecutor had bundles of evidence on her desk, but mine was missing. My solicitor made enquiries with the prosecutor, who failed to give any reasonable explanation for the missing papers. I was advised to enter a not guilty plea.

The team had specialist and first hand knowledge of drug driving cases. We challenged all aspects of the case, from the reliability of the blood sample, the methods of analysis used by the laboratory, the procedures etc…

My original trial was set in January 2017. This took a considerable amount of weight off my shoulders, as I was allowed to structure any payments over this period of time. I was also able to drive over this period, enabling me to continue working and earning money. Shortly after my first appearance, I received a call from Conor. He informed me that the court had administratively brought my case forward by three months! I went into complete panic mode. Conor calmed me down immediately and explained the benefits of a shorter adjournment (less time for the CPS to serve evidence).

Conor was my point of contact. When I enquired with other firms, I was informed that my file would be handed to a less-qualified ‘case worker’, yet I was expected to pay fees far in excess of what M.A.J. Law charged me. Instructing M.A.J. Law was a no brainer.

Over the next couple of weeks following my first court hearing, Conor kept me frequently up-to-date. If I’m honest, I was absolutely terrified every time he called me. I was convinced the CPS were going to provide all the evidence against me.

On 10th October 2016, I received a call from Conor. He informed me that the CPS has dropped my case. I couldn’t believe it. Whilst the CPS didn’t actually provide a reason for dropping the case, I’m convinced that it was down to the complex technical defence issues raised by Conor and the team. The CPS simply aren’t equipped to deal with these issues in enough detail.

My life is back on track thanks to M.A.J. Law. I couldn’t recommend the team enough.

Chester Magistrates' Court - EJ - 18th October 2016

Firstly I’d like to say it was such a relief meeting my solicitor at court, it was all a lot more daunting than I ever imagined and I would have certainly struggled greatly without him. He was brilliant and did a fantastic job keeping me calm and talking to me throughout the whole process. I thoroughly appreciate today’s help and cannot stress how important his presence there today was to me.

Redhill Magistrates' Court - SC - 17th October 2016
My solicitors challenged the CPS at every stage. They were quick to pick up on the breach of the court directions by the CPS and use this as leverage against them. The CPS served all the evidence against me on the day of the trial! My solicitor argued that all the evidence should be excluded. Thankfully, the court agreed. The case was dropped and my licence has been saved. I can only describe the team at M.A.J. Law as fearless lawyers who won’t back down. I cannot recommend them enough for defending my drink driving case.
Nottingham Magistrates' Court - RA - 11th October 2016

I have never been in trouble with the police before. I always assumed the police knew exactly what they were doing. They are the police, after all. I was pulled over after visiting a friend for lunch, breathalysed and taken to the police station. Whilst at the station, I was asked to provide two specimens of breath, to which I complied. The officer operating the device did seem a little confused regarding its functionality and seemed unsure what questions to ask me. It was clear that he was rushing.

When I first spoke to M.A.J. Law to explain what had happened, they expressed their concerns regarding the legitimacy of the procedure. They explained to me that it did not matter if I had blown over the limit, as we were not challenging that part of the case. Instead, we were challenging the procedures at the police station. If the procedure was not followed, the police could not use my breath reading against me.

Three months later the case came to trial. It sounds scary, but I can assure you there’s nothing to worry about, particularly if you’ve instructed M.A.J. Law. My solicitor cross examined the police officer on the day of trial. The officer was unable to give any detailed answers about the procedure that he had claimed to have followed. He began getting flustered and worked up. This damaged whatever credibility he had left. It was like something out of a movie! One hour into the trial, the judge said that the prosecution’s evidence was so poor, the case had not been proven. I won my case without even needing to give evidence. What a result. Thank you.

Leamington Spa Magistrates' Court - HK - 6th October 2016
I was pulled over  by the police. I was not given any roadside breath test but simply arrested and taken to  the police station. I was rushed into the breath test room to provide a breath sample. Long story short; I was charged with drink driving and had to attend court. I had spoken to various solicitors who advised that I should simply plead guilty to the offence which I did not want to do. I contacted M.A.J. Law Ltd who provided me with clear and simple advice which gave me hope.
At the first court hearing I entered a not guilty plea. My solicitor raised a number of defence issues, including the accuracy of the procedure. The officer who breath tested me appeared unsure how to operate the device and displayed clear signs of confusion.
The matter was listed for a trial 3 months later. Two days before the hearing I received the best news. The CPS had dropped the case against me due to ‘Insufficient Evidence’.
If it wasn’t for M.A.J. Law placing pressure on the CPS to drop the case, I would have surely lost my licence, my job and my home. To think that I actually considered entering a guilty plea on the first court date is extremely worrying. In fact, it makes you wonder how many people plead guilty when there was insufficient evidence to convict them.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the work carried out by the team at M.A.J. Law. I would not hesitate to recommend them should anyone find themselves in a similar position.
Leamington Spa Magistrates' Court - DL - 3rd October 2016

I cannot not thank you enough for today. The results were phenomenal and all achieved by your meticulous attention to detail.

Calderdale Magistrates' Court - MG - 26th September 2016

I was provided with excellent service from start to finish. The team at M.A.J. Law were extremely helpful, approachable and very knowledgeable throughout.

I would like to personally thank David and the team for their 110% effort that concluded in a brilliant outcome! I Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend M.A.J. Law.
Yeovil Magistrates' Court - MS - 22nd September 2016

I was arrested after blowing over the limit at the roadside and taken to the station. The breathalyser machine at the station would not take a reading so I was required to give a sample of blood. I was released on bail and told that I would get the results back from the lab in due course.

After waiting frantically for a couple of months, the results returned that I was twice the legal limit. I was told to appear in court.

Like most cases I was going to plead guilty and accept the consequences of a 15 month ban and possible job loss. After a bit of digging on the internet I come across M.A.J. Law and decided to give them a call and see if I had a case.

I spoke to Conor over the phone. His knowledge of the procedures impressed me greatly. I decided to go with representation at the initial hearing and see what they had to say.

Conor raised a number of defence issues on the first appearance relating to the accuracy of the procedure and the reliability of the blood sample. The CPS realised it was a complicated case. The trial was set in 5 months time (which benefitted me as I got to keep my license for longer).

In the meantime the CPS were directed to provide the disclosure of evidence within 28 days, which they failed to do. After several conversations with Conor over the next few months, it became apparent that the CPS were clearly focused on other cases and had failed to serve any evidence whatsoever.

On the day of the trial there was still no evidence presented. The CPS tried to claim that this had been served but had no proof of this. The prosecutor made an application to adjourn which Conor opposed. The court found in our favour forcing the CPS to offer no evidence. The failings from the CPS in this case meant that it was discontinued and I was free to get on with my life.

Conor is a really nice bloke and his knowledge in this area is impressive. He is very intelligent and articulate and will do his upmost to ensure that he wins the case.

Throughout the case, M.A.J. Law has been very open and transparent about costs and my prospects of success. My solicitors will now deal with my defence costs order and hopefully recover as much money as they possibly can.

Thanks again and I would definitely recommend M.A.J. Law.

Wirral Magistrates' Court - GS - 20th September 2016

I was arrested by the police after being suspected of having driven my vehicle with an alcohol level above the prescribed limit. My vehicle had been involved in a collision near to a pub where I had been a few hours earlier. I had no knowledge of the collision until the police appeared at my home in the early hours of the morning. To my knowledge, my vehicle had been stolen.

The police breathalysed me at my house. I blew over the prescribed limit. This was no surprise to me as I had been drink drinking with friends before returning home. They arrested me and took me to the police station where I was placed on a larger, more accurate, breath testing machine. I blew twice the legal limit. I was then placed in a cell to ‘sober up’.

The following morning, prior to my release, I was interviewed. I explained the situation in the interview (that I had been out with friends, had not driven my car and had no knowledge of the incident other than what the police told me). To my dismay, the police STILL charged me with the offence of excess alcohol. They also handed me a Section 172 Notice REQUIRING me to provide details of the vehicle driver – despite me telling them that I had no knowledge of the incident! Safe to say I needed legal help…quick.

I called a couple of solicitors for legal advice but no one spoke to me in the depth that Marcus Johnstone did. During the course of the phone call he explained exactly what we need to do, why we need to do it and how much it would cost. Despite me only giving brief details over the phone, it was this exact plan led to me avoiding a conviction for drink driving only a few weeks later. I instructed M.A.J. Law immediately on a fixed fee basis.

The first step was finding out what evidence or information the police had to put me in the driver’s seat. My solicitors discovered that airbags had been cut from my vehicle and DNA testing had been carried out. I became quite nervous about this because the vehicle belonged to me – so clearly my DNA would be all over it. My solicitors assured me that DNA does not prove that I was driving. They also explained that removing the airbags was standard procedure in these circumstances. My solicitor also made enquiries with potential witnesses and CCTV before the police could.

I was eager to get the charges dropped before the first court hearing. The impact of a conviction would be devastating. My vehicle is crucial for work purposes and allows me to earn a living. Once my solicitor had gathered together all the ‘ammunition’ he needed, he wrote to the police. A copy of the letter was sent to me. It clearly set out the concerns we had regarding driver identification, forensic examination and the police investigation. We addressed the issues re the Police Notice handed to me after the interview and invited the police to take no further action against me.

A week later the police dropped all charges against me, agreeing to take no further action. The case didn’t even go to a first court hearing!

I am absolutely certain I made the right decision instructing M.A.J. Law. The quality of their service is second to none.

Thanks guys

Blackburn Magistrates' Court - RB - 12th September 2016

My experience with M.A.J. Law was very positive. The assistance I received as a client from the beginning was first class.

What I was told would happen in a situation is exactly what happened. After a few court appearances for a drink driving offence where I was over the limit, M.A.J. Law managed to use police error to our advantage. The CPS dropped my case due to ‘lack of evidence’.

Life is back to normal. Had I instructed a duty solicitor I would most probably have lost my licence.

Great team who do what they promise.

Reading Magistrates' Court - KB - 6th September 2016

I was arrested for driving whilst over the limit, but not caught behind the wheel. David McChrystal and his excellent team reassured me throughout the entire hellish 4 month period that the evidence against me needs to be questioned.

Unlike other firms, who only want to grab your money and give outlandish claims, no promises were given. Just the facts and my options. My barrister was exemplary in his conduct. A true professional with a meticulous eye for detail. He spotted an error with the prosecution’s evidence in CCTV footage that meant the evidence against me was null and void. I won the case and have my life back, I can’t emphasise enough that M.A.J. Law are the best in the business. My innocence was proven! If you find yourself in a similar predicament please give Conor a call.

From the outset to the end, him and his team never had me in any doubt about the result of my case. I feel justice has been served and I’ve got my life back.

My heartfelt thanks to the team at M.A.J. Law for making sure justice prevailed.

I hope my review is read by others in my situation and they realise how important it is to instruct M.A.J. Law.

Thank you again.

Feltham Magistrates' Court - CW - 31st August 2016

I was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol while asleep in my car parked in a side-road in London. I was breathalyzed on the side by my car and failed. I was then taken to the Station where again I was breathalyzed and then transferred to a cell. I was released on bail to attend a trial.

The following day I looked up on the internet similar cases and found M.A.J. Law Solicitors. I rang Conor Johnstone and explained what had happened. He quickly realised that the Police had made a failing whilst obtaining the test in the station and had not followed procedure. This gave me a little more comfort and I engaged with Conor to take my case on.

I really did not think I would win the case and was set for losing my driving license. This would have been devastating for both me and my family not to mention my work.

Conor calmed me down and gave me great comfort as he felt that we had a good case to pursue and should take it all the way, which is what we did.

The prosecution failed to disclose any evidence against me even after being requested to do so on numerus occasions.

On my final day in court I was set for the worst but the prosecution finally issued the required evidence which clearly showed their failings and proved Conor to be correct. The court dismissed my case immediately.

I am very thankful to Conor for his expert, professional advice which gave me the confidence to take it all the way. This could have been a totally different outcome where I would have a driving ban and a criminal record which would stay with me forever.

Staines Magistrates' Court - CH - 31st August 2016

I would like to thank Conor for his first class representation at yesterday’s hearing.

Runcorn Magistrates' Court - RN - 24th August 2016

M.A.J Law are a very professional and first class service.

I spoke with other firms before deciding to go with M.A.J law. All these other firms talked about were their high success rates, but were not forthcoming when asked how they would approach my case. Also, some of the fees they charged were almost double what M.A.J charged me!

I was 1 point over the limit and my lawyer was confident I had a good case. He spent a lot of time on the phone with me and gave me some confidence. I was hopeful, but still worried.

Two days before the trial my lawyer called me to tell me he had some “splendid” news… the case had been dropped! To say I was elated is an absolute understatement. I was jumping for joy, what a massive weight off my shoulders.

I will recommend M.A.J law to everyone I know. They are the best and worth every penny.

Croydon Magistrates' Court - TB - 23rd August 2016

(Drug driving allegation dropped before charges laid) 

I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave and to let you know that your company is the first I shall recommend to anyone needing assistance.

Kidderminster Police Station - ZH - 18th August 2016

These people are true professionals, very good at what they do. They know the law, probably better than the CPS, real Rottweilers, always seeking a way to a successful outcome for their client, as in my case, which I thought looked pretty hopeless at the start.

When I first called M.A.J. Law I spoke with Conor Johnstone (a specialist solicitor). He gave me free and impartial advice. It was clear that he had considerable knowledge and experience in dealing with these cases.

My solicitor worked non-stop for me and was even accessible out of hours on his mobile.

Thank you Marcus and your team at M.A.J. Law for what was both a competent and confident demolition of the Police and CPS’s case against me.

Aldershot Magistrates' Court - JK - 17th August 2016

I would like to thank MAJ Law so much for their hard work. When I first saw the charge sheet alleging that I was drink driving, I thought my life was over. My livelihood depends on my ability to drive. Without my licence, I would lose my job and I would have no way of paying my mortgage.

I had spoken to several solicitors about my case as I wanted to use a lawyer I could trust. Many solicitors were able to tell me about the law, but seemed very rushed to want to sign me up. When speaking initially to M.A.J. Law, a solicitor gave me free impartial advice about the merits of my case. The solicitor I spoke to (Marcus) was very personable, knowledgeable and spent a considerable amount of time on the phone discussing my options.

Throughout my case, I was constantly kept updated. M.A.J. Law would regularly send me letters regarding the progress of my case and would call me each time the prosecution sent any further evidence.

My case involved a number of court hearings. I was represented by a solicitor from M.A.J. Law at the first hearing and by one of their specialist motoring barristers at my trial. I have to say that each time I went to court, I was confident that I had the best person for the job. My lawyer would always spend time at court going over the evidence and reassuring me. The prosecutor in the case was particularly stubborn and seemed to want to do everything in their power to ensure I was convicted, but the cool, calm and collected approach of my lawyers in court meant that my case was well handled.

At the trial, the police officer that took my breath sample was cross examined. Although the documents previous served by the CPS seemed correct, my barrister was able to find significant fault with the evidence provided by the officer. His account of the arrest and recollection of the procedure was extremely unconvincing. My barrister did such a good job that the prosecution dropped the case half way through the trial – no case to answer.

I cannot thank M.A.J. Law enough for their hard work. My licence has been saved and my life is back on track! I would highly recommend M.A.J. Law to anybody that is facing drink drive charges.

Aldershot Magistrates' Court - PD - 11th August 2016

My case was dropped by the CPS due to lack of evidence. Instructing M.A.J. Law was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I can’t thank the team enough.

Runcorn Magistrates' Court - TD - 9th August 2016
I looked at and spoke to several firms before deciding upon M.A.J. Law.  They impressed me from the outset with their thorough knowledge of the laws involved, their evident experience of being successful when representing clients and their ability to reassure me whilst outlining all of the necessary options and outcomes.
Despite living hundreds of miles away, I still felt able to build up a healthy rapport with my contacts there and whenever I had a fear or worry, I could always speak with them and clarify whatever was bothering me.
Prior to contacting M.A.J. Law, I was told by a local (non specialist) solicitor that I was “clutching at straws” and such firms were merely “money grabbing.”  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I am extremely grateful to Conor Johnstone and particularly John Dove for all of the help, time and support they have given me.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone who experiences a similar situation.
Maidstone Magistrates' Court - CH - 7th August 2016

I instructed M.A.J. Law to defend my failing to provide a specimen of breath allegation. I’ve suffered from stress, depression and anxiety for many years. Recently, this illness has manifested itself in excessive alcohol consumption.

I was in a state of panic at the police station. I felt like I was going to pass out. The police insisted that I provide a breath sample on the breath machine at the station, but I couldn’t comprehend the request (as strange as this sounds). I was charged with failing to provide after the police accused me of faking a panic attack.

M.A.J. Law instructed one of the country’s leading medical experts on my behalf. We served a detailed expert report and the CPS agreed to drop the case before the trial.

A night in the police cell was enough to deter me from ever crossing paths with the law again. I can only thank M.A.J. Law that this is all over.

Exeter Magistrates' Court - NP - 26th July 2016

I was charged with drug driving after being found three times the legal limit for THC (cannabis). I wasn’t aware that there was an actual limit in place until I spoke with M.A.J. Law – who explained that a new offence was introduced only recently.

I was extremely concerned about the implications of a conviction. Drink driving is a serious offence, but drug driving – that’s a different ball game. To think that my boss and work colleagues would think of me as a ‘druggie’ was unthinkable. I would lose my job immediately. It was for this reason that I needed to win my case.

My solicitor at M.A.J. Law used a technical legal argument to secure my acquittal. They were confident from the outset that they would win my case. The team were true to their word. Thank you.

York Magistrates' Court - EA - 22nd July 2016

Following my release from the police station I made contact with a number of different solicitors – all apparently specialists. I wasn’t confident with the advice given to me by other firms. One firm just quoted a ‘success rate’ and told me it would cost £9,000! No attempt was made to offer me advice or explain my options. I have never been in trouble with the police before and have always frowned upon drink driving. I was extremely worried about what was going to happen – will I go to prison? Will I receive an immediate disqualification? Will the court accept my mitigation? No one seemed to provide the answers I was looking for.

It was then that I spoke with M.A.J. Law Solicitors. They began the call by asking me about my case, why I needed my licence and managing my expectations. We spent over 40 minutes discussing my options. In fact, they were the only firm I spoke with who informed me that I’d actually been charged with the wrong offence (a Section 4 ‘unfit’ offence rather than a section 5 drink driving offence). No one else had pointed this out.

I attended my first court hearing with a specialist solicitor from the firm (who was also my point of contact). It was nice not to be passed from person to person, or to be ‘handed off’ to a less qualified case worker.

I was updated frequently by my solicitor. I was also given a direct mobile so that I could contact him direct on evenings and weekends – this made all the difference. Having reviewed the evidence served by the CPS, my solicitor had a number of concerns. He pointed out flaws with the evidence against me and ensured me that my case was strong. In fact, it was these exact flaws that led to the case against me collapsing.

When I first began searching for a solicitor, I didn’t think it possible to avoid a disqualification. I was only looking for someone who could put mitigation to the court (which I now know isn’t taken into account in a drink driving case). I cannot believe that all this is over and done with. Here’s to the future. Thank you.


Staines Magistrates' Court - CH - 18th July 2016

You probably couldn’t make this up…

I was arrested and charged on a Thursday night. Facing the dread of conviction. What it would do to my business and family. I was in a grim place!

After release I went to a bar before collecting my car. I was arrested again for drink driving (and taken back to the same police station I’d just been released from).

My licence is crucial. I own an events management company and rely on my vehicle to visit sites and clients.

A long story short, I was looking at a custodial sentence if convicted of both offences.

In desperation I searched online and found M.A.J. Law Solicitors. From the first moment I called them they were understanding and non-judgemental. I scraped but found the money to pay them.

Three months later and we have won both cases at trial! I have my licence in my wallet and am looking forward to the holiday I will be taking after being reimbursed for my expenses.

This company runs and delivers exactly what they say they will. They let me know at every stage what the situation was. They are completely transparent.

I really can’t thank them enough. Unbelievable.

People make mistakes. This company is a voice of reason.

100% genuine.

Highbury Magistrates' Court - ES - 13th July 2016

Due to a momentary lapse in judgement I was almost certainly going to prison. I’m ashamed to admit that my breath reading was 4.5 times the legal limit. Prior to the incident I had been suffering with severe depression and anxiety. Whilst this is no excuse, I am certain my illness contributed to my uncharacteristic actions. I had no previous convictions and had never crossed paths with the law. The prospect of having to leave my family and friends to spend time behind bars was a devastating thought. I needed to do everything I could to prevent this.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching for specialist motoring defence firms capable of giving me the best legal advice and representation. I spoke with many firms who seemed very ‘pushy’ – as if they were selling me a service, rather than advising me truthfully. One solicitor responded with “wow”, when I told him my breath result! It was then that I spoke with M.A.J. Law.

The team at M.A.J. Law were truthful, honest and respectful. They also knew a lot more than anyone I’d previously spoken with. At no point did they judge me or give me false hope. I was more than aware of the realities of the situation.

I was represented by Marcus A Johnstone at my trial. Marcus walked rings around the CPS solicitor, despite him being very experienced and knowledgable. I was sat in court whilst the two of them ‘argued it out’. Marcus fought a great battle and knew my case inside-out. I remember thinking “this is like something out of a movie!”. The court were clearly impressed by Marcus’ submissions when they found in my favour. I walked out of court in disbelief with a great weight off my shoulders. It was hard to believe that it was all over.

I cannot thank Marcus and his team enough for the professionalism, skill and diligence displayed on all aspects of my case. I honestly believed that this outcome was not achievable. I was cautious about challenging a case after blowing over the limit. I also thought the outcome would be worse if I was later found guilty – although this is not the case.

I would not wish a criminal allegation upon anyone. Please call the team at M.A.J. Law and I can assure you they’ll do everything in their power to win your case.

Eternally grateful.

High Wycombe Magistrates' Court - RC - 29th June 2016

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. You were superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. I owe the success and victory of my case to your dedication and perseverance at pushing the CPS to drop my case due to non disclosure of evidence.

I rely on my licence to get to and from work. Without it I would have lost my job and, in turn, my house. I remained confident in M.A.J. Law from day one and was kept up to date throughout.

It goes without saying that I will recommend any person to your firm should they need legal assistance. Once again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Bromley Magistrates' Court - AO - 27th June 2016

Just wanted to say a very BIG Thank You to all who worked on my case, can’t thank you guys enough, You have saved my life. If it was not for your expertise and knowledge, I would have been found guilty. My case was dropped at the trial due to lack of evidence and procedural deficiencies. The CPS had not complied with the court’s directions and had failed to reply to letters given by my defence team. The CPS has plenty of time to serve evidence but had failed to do so. This resulted in the case against me being dropped at trial. Thank You So Much.

Highbury Magistrates' Court - MM - 21st June 2016

The way M.A.J. Law dealt with my case was amazing. It’s funny how there are so many laws behind drink driving that I was never aware off. I was pulled over by the police back in April and blew 37µg% at the roadside. I was arrested and taken to the police station, where I was charged with drink driving. I immediately found M.A.J. Law and rang them up for help. I instructed them to take on my case. I had my trial and won the case in court as the CPS had insufficient evidence to convict me.

People think that because they got caught drink driving and blow over the limit that its an automatic band. Well that’s not the case. Money well spent. I would recommend M.A.J. Law 110%.

Bexley Magistrates' Court - DO - 21st June 2016

May I thank yourself, your team and my barrister for the effort you have put into my case. I will have no hesitation in recommending M.A.J. Law in the future. The whole episode has been delt with in a professional manner. Once again many thanks.

Beverley Magistrates' Court - LG - 17th June 2016

I wish to thank my legal representative David and the whole team at M.A.J. Law for helping me retain my licence.

In November 2015 I was charged with drink driving and summoned to appear at Stratford Magistrates’ Court.
I was extremely anxious and worried at the idea of losing my licence as this would have had a catastrophic impact on my life as a whole.
Due to the robust defence that M.A.J. Law had built and the pressure that they put on the CPS to disclose evidence my case was dropped due to the lack of evidence available to obtain a conviction.
This was a fantastic result which meant I didn’t lose my licence. I was extremely impressed with the meticulous and diligent approach that David and M.A.J. Law made to my case.
I would highly recommend the services of M.A.J. Law.
Stratford Magistrates' Court - MP - 15th June 2016
I stumbled across M.A.J. law whilst Looking for someone to take my case on. A quick phone call and a comprehensive conversation about my case with Kate Johnson and faith was installed at the fact I had picked up the phone to the right people.
The team at M.A.J. Law kept me in the loop at every stage and had no hesitation in answering any obscure or ‘what if’ questions. Kate knew every detail about my case without putting me on hold or calling back. In lead up to the trial I was apprehensive but confident that their hard work, strategy, dedication and outstanding knowledge would pay off. 4/5 days before the court date Kate left me a voicemail asking for a call back, I scurried to the phone to comply. She had said my case had been dropped! I was filled with utter elation!
I cannot thank Kate/M.A.J. Law enough for their perseverance with me and my case.
Holyhead Magistrates' Court - PW - 9th June 2016

I would like to thank M.A.J. Law for the exemplary professional representation on my case and for the reassurances and integrity shown during this stressful ordeal. They were so helpful and patient with me, I am grateful to the solicitors, legal staff and the barrister involved in the whole process . So elated and still taking in the fact that I received no ban or conviction. Full of praises for them! Thank you once again!!!

Stratford Magistrates' Court - CF - 1st June 2016

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you all for all your hard work and seriously awesome expertise in winning my case. For a stupid moment of madness I thought my whole life was going to change for a long long time in a negative way, but thanks to you guys you saved me and I can not thank you enough…

Marcus, you are an absolute genius, you are a master at your profession. Things seemed not so good on the day of trial until you walked in and completely turned it around and smashed it out of the water. I can not thank you enough.

Many many thanks guys.

Big hugs

Stevenage Magistrates' Court - JM - 31st May 2016
I am extremely grateful and appreciative with the service that I have received from M.A.J. Law. When my solicitor took my case, I rapidly became assured that I was in good hands and I found his advice to be clear, calm and sound. The solicitor who dealt  with me was excellent, knowledgeable and knew exactly what was needed to help with my case and got the result I required. Due to my solicitors pressing the prosecution for disclosure; the CPS dropped my  case days before the trial as there was not enough evidence to obtain a conviction. I am eternally grateful for the hard work and dedication provided to achieve the required result.
I would highly recommend MAJ Law to anyone in a similar situation requiring legal representation.
Derby Magistrates Court - DB - 25th May 2016

I couldn’t thank M.A.J. Law enough for saving my life as keeping my licence was extremely important. All I can say is that I couldn’t of come out of this with a better outcome. It was a 3 months of stress and sleepless nights but thanks to M.A.J. Law this is all over now and I have my life back again, and feel free. Many thanks to Conor, Marcus, Neil and my specialist barrister. If you’re ever in trouble I can assure you that M.A.J. Law is the first place you need to go to if you want to save your licence.

Bromley Magistrates' Court - BD - 12th May 2016

Thank you to the team at M.A.J. Law. The CPS dropped my case in the days leading up to the trial. I presume they thought I was going to change my plea to guilty last minute. The team kept me calm throughout the process, making the prospect of a trial much less daunting. The CPS were the first to cave in.

Had I not spoken to M.A.J. Law there is no doubt in my mind that I’d now be disqualified.

Money well spent. A huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you.

Nottingham Magistrates' Court - MR - 11th May 2016

Thank you for all the work that you have done to get this completed, can you please pass on my regards and thanks to Marcus for the superb work he did on the day of the trial, Kate for keeping us informed, dealing with the paperwork and putting up with my worried phone calls to her, Claire for her help and guidance over the past few months and last but not least Conor, who I spoke to the first day of the arrest.

Conor said it was worth fighting when everyone else said roll over you will never get off. I thank you all and wish you the best of luck for the future, and of course if anyone does get in to trouble, I suggest you call M.A.J. Law immediately.

Bexley Magistrates' Court - CG - 5th May 2016

I contacted M.A.J. Law after a road side breathalyser test which I failed. I rely on my car for work, to support my elderly mother but also have always been independent and driving since the age of 19.

I did not know of the firm prior to me placing a call,  however I had done some research online and then spoke with a solicitor at the firm named Conor Johnstone. He immediately was able to advise over the phone on what the case law around my case was, what position I was in and how they could help. It was only due to his manner and reassurance I instructed M.A.J. Law asap, without making any further enquiries with any other firms.

Due to my own anxiety and traumatic experiences in the past with a road side accident, I have a history of not being able to quantify a situation and comprehend what is going on in extremely stressful situations. As a result I refused the breathalyser at the station for no other reason, than I was a robot responding to questions in a stressful state, as a result I was charged under an  ‘alleged driving offence –failing to provide a specimen of breath’.

During the period I was engaging with M.A.J. Law on this extremely stressful period, I found them to be forthcoming in responses, any correspondence was always clear and precise and both Conor Johnstone and the team were always patient with me, had empathy with respect to my anxiety and sometimes abrupt manner.

The team at M.A.J. Law ensured I won my case against the CPS and that I will also be reimbursed for the costs I have paid out.

In all honesty, every penny that went towards this case was worth it, when you have ensured that you can continue driving, you have no convictions and you are able to care and provide for your family.

I thank the team at M.A.J. Law from the bottom of my heart.

Barkingside Magistrates' Court - SF - 4th May 2016

MAJ Law is great a firm and gave me huge amount of confidence through out both of my trials. I was dealing with Conor who was outstanding and found faults in the prosecutions paperwork and had an excellent defence strategy prepared for the barrister on the day of my hearing which lead to us winning. They had every angle covered in which the prosecution could of attacked from.

Initially I was represented by another firm at my first hearing and if I had gone with them, I would of lost my case as they wanted me to plead Guilty without even going through the evidence.  

So I am really grateful for all of MAJ Law’s Hard work and would definitely recommend this firm for legal representation, not only are they experts but specialists in their chosen field.


Romford Magistrates Court - PP - 26th April 2016

After an argument with my partner it was claimed by her daughter that I had driven my car after I had been drinking. I was arrested and later charged with drink-driving .

I denied the charges from the outset. My breath test reading was 76mg and should I have been convicted, could face a 22 month ban which in turn could have lead to the loss of my job.

After taking advice from MAJ Law I decided to plead not guilty and take the matter to trial.

After a very stressful four months we went to trial where the witnesses failed to attend which in turn lead to the case being dismissed.

MAJ Law guided me through the process and kept me up to date with any developments, I’m very glad I instructed them to represent me and would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.

Chippenham Magistrates Court - AM

I would like to say a huge thank you and share my appreciation for Marcus Johnstone and his team. Conor, in particular, played a vital role in my case, he kept me regularly updated and reassured me throughout a very stressful period of my life.

The whole team were extremely professional throughout and I can not recommend MAJ Law enough.

The drink driving allegation against me could have seen me lose my license and my job, but thanks to their particular eye for detail, coupled with their fantastic knowledge and experience, I avoided a lengthy ban and a fine.

Words do not seem enough to express my gratitude towards them. If you are in a similar situation, I would definitely give them a call.

Southampton Magistrates Court - DL

We researched for the best and we got the best.

We instructed MAJ Law solicitors because of the outstanding reviews and feedback from previous clients.
Our solicitor Ronan supported us through a horrendously stressful period.

We had brilliant news yesterday from Ronan that the CPS has dropped the case. He worked tirelessly to get this decision and we are indebted for the support, understanding and non-judgemental attitude shown to us.

We also would like to thank Conor, Neil, Claire and Leah for the additional support.

A fantastic service throughout.

South Sefton Magistrates Court - E

Without Marcus and his team I don’t know where I would be.

I was celebrating my friends engagement at a party which went on until the early hours of the morning. The next day I met up with a friend for coffee, as I was driving I was stopped by police.

The police officer asked if I had been drinking, I replied ‘no’ and subsequently was breathalysed. To my surprise, I provided a sample of 43mg per 100ml of breath. I was arrested and taken to a local police station for a further breath test.

At the police station, I was shocked to hear I provided a sample of 53mg. As I had a previous drink-drive conviction over 7 years ago, I was facing a 36 month disqualification. This would have caused severe hardship as I currently work nights.

Once I had been released from the police station, I went home and googled for specialist drink-drive solicitors. I found Marcus Johnstone and called him later that evening. Marcus listened to my side of the story and talked in detail how they work. He explained that procedural errors are often made by the police in obtaining breath samples.

I instructed Marcus as I found his fixed fees to be very affordable with no hidden costs. I could also call Marcus at any time without any extra charges.

On the first court date I pleaded not guilty as the specialist barrister noticed there was an important form missing and no statement from the officer who took the breath test procedure. He requested that the CCTV footage and evidential statements were provided before my next court hearing.

I was very nervous and worried as my trial date approached. Both police officers attended however no evidence was received from the CPS. They had failed to provide any CCTV footage and no other disclosure was received. My case was dismissed and no evidence was offered by the CPS.

I got the best possible outcome and appreciate everything Marcus and his team done for me. I am thrilled with the service I received.

Thank you all for your support.

Feltham Magistrates Court - S

Without the help of Marcus and his team my future would have been in jeopardy. Initially I had instructed a solicitor who was not very good to say the least.

After carrying out some research online I found MAJ law and contacted Conor who explained to me that their is a chance for me to win my case and I should not change my plea to guilty as my existing solicitor advised me to do.

I was charged with failing to provide a breath specimen for analysis and had drove into a wooden block on my university campus so my case was not simple to say the least.

Based on my experience I would recommend Marcus and his team as without them the outcome would not have been so rosy to say the least.

Staines Magistrates Court - P

I was breath tested and accused of driving whilst over the legal limit. I was taken to the police station for further tests, charged and bailed to appear at the magistrates? court two weeks later.

The next day I began looking for a specialist solicitor on the internet and found MAJ Law. One of the testimonials was given by a client who received free initial advice for 45 minutes over the telephone. The following afternoon I called MAJ Law and spoke to Conor Johnstone who spoke with me for over 30 minutes, explaining the cost of and timescale for defending a charge. He went on to say that I would still be able to drive during this time and that if later found guilty after a not guilty plea, the penalty would be no heavier.

I had previously spoken to someone who been convicted of drink driving 12 years ago and they were still paying very high insurance premiums. I considered that I would lose my job, that the cost of insurance would be affected for the rest of my life and that my wages during the course of the defence would pay my costs. I concluded that I had nothing to lose by defending the charge and instructed Conor the next day.

I was told Marcus Johnstone would be representing me and whilst it was a very nervous time prior to the trial, his sheer professionalism put me at ease straight away. He successfully argued that the case should be dismissed.

I highly recommend Marcus and his team.

Preston Magistrates Court - M

I am very happy with the level of service that I received. Everything was resolved quickly, I really appreciated all the advice from the specialist barrister that represented me, who helped me resolve my case with minimal consequences.

I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone I know. Thank you all very much.

Brighton Magistrates Court - Promise

My car was reported stolen and later found abandoned as I was drinking at a friends house.

When I returned home, the police were waiting at my address. I was breathalysed and arrested. I protested my innocence from the outset however the police did not believe me and I was charged with driving with excessive alcohol.

As I blew 86mg in 100ml of breath, I was facing a 24 month ban which would have a devastating effect on my family’s life. I was panicking as the police didn’t believe my story, so after reading his outstanding case victories online, I decided to contact Marcus from drinkdrivingsolicitors.co.uk.

When I phoned Marcus he reassured me about my case and outlined the process. His advice letters were helpful and made me realise that I had a good chance of defending my charge. I could call Marcus at any time of the day for advice, even his staff were helpful throughout my case.

On the day of the trial, I was very nervous. As I walked up the court, Marcus telephoned. He had arrived early at the court to meet up with the CPS to see what evidence they intended to use.

Marcus persuaded the CPS to discontinue my case due to lack of evidence and no witnesses. It was such a relief to hear the charges had been dropped and I can now get on with my life.

I highly recommend Marcus to anyone wanting to try to keep their licence. I have no criminal record and still have a clean licence.


Wrexham Magistrates Court - Dean

There comes a time in some peoples lives when you do something stupid.

When you are charged with drink-driving, whatever the circumstances, you feel completely at a loss, you feel you have no defence. All you can do is face up to it, accept it. When the blood test comes back over the limit, all you can do is plead guilty. This was not necessarily the case…

When I spoke to Ronan Molloy at MAJ Law, I realised for the first time that I had a means of defending myself against the possible loss of my driving licence for 12 months. A situation which would devastate my work and private life, without considering the humiliation that comes with having to make such circumstances public.

Although there were no guarantees, to be able to stand up in court and plead not guilty makes you feel you have a chance.

My barrister requested evidential statements, CCTV footage and forms that the CPS ultimately were unable to provide.

When I received a call from Marcus to inform me that the CPS had dropped my case, it was a great relief. This would not have happened without the help of Marcus, Ronan, Conor and the team at MAJ Law.

They kept me informed at all times and were always available for questions. With fixed prices you know exactly what the cost will be.

Bromley Magistrates Court - Ken

Back in August, I was breath tested and accused of driving whilst over the legal limit. I was taken to the police station for further breath specimen samples to be analysed. As a result I was charged and summonsed to appear at Derby Magistrates Court.

I began to surf the Internet on the best possible legal team to defend and fight my delicate case again me.

I found after hours on the Internet a company called drinkdrivingsolicitor.co.uk, it was part of the MAJ Law Ltd firm based in Cheshire but represent clients throughout England and Wales.

I called the Senior Solicitor Mr Marcus A Johnstone who was happy to listen to me on the phone for minimum 45 minutes and he offered me free advice and possible outcomes about the way forward. From our chat, I had no other thoughts but to appoint Marcus and his legal team to represent me and the case against me.

Marcus handed me over to his partner Solicitor Mr Ronan Molloy who picked up my case and routinely updated me on my case progression and shared with me his honest and truthful thoughts and advice on my position and advised me on how to take the next step.

These Solicitors for this company are 100 percent dedicated to you and have no issue calling you to update you on request, it felt so warm and in my best interests throughout my experiences with them. Today, Ronan personally called me to give me the best news ever, that thanks to Ronan and his dedicated team, that the case against me had been dropped due to insufficient evidence against me. This was the best possible news ever and Marcus, Ronan, and their team do what they say on the tin – if there is a flaw in the law against you or you have not been treated fairly and within the law, then there is a chance that the outcome could be in your favour. This was true in my case and I have so much praise, thanks, respect, and gratitude of these kind people within MAJ Law Ltd.

I will never be in this position again believe me, however should I be, or should a family member of close friend be, then there is only one company that I can recommend, and that’s drinkdrivingsolicitor.co.uk – Marcus A Johnstone and Ronan Molloy.

Thanks guys, you’re one in a million.


Derby Magistrates Court - Colin

I have no words to express my gratitude and gratefulness to your firm in particular Marcus Johnstone. From that first phone call back in August 2014 everything said or done was very professional and to the point.

In August , I was charged with driving whilst over the legal limit and summoned to appear in Court at Ealing Magistrates Court. Admittedly, I was anxious and worried by the prospect of losing my license, having a criminal record and the potential implications for my career in health care. Marcus explained to me thoroughly how he and his team would help me and ensured I was always updated on an developments in my case.

In the end my case was dismissed in Court in November, due no witness statement from the breathalyzer officer and no CCTV available of the procedure. Thanks to the robust Defence that Marcus and his team had built, a result which meant I didn’t lose my license and it stayed clean.

I am very impressed for the diligent and meticulous approach with which Marcus and his team approached my case.

I would highly recommend the service of Marcus Johnstone.


Ealing Magistrates Court - Catriona

I would just like to thank you and your staff, Ronan, Conor, Neil and Claire, for all your hard work in getting my drink driving charge quashed.

Your expertise in post driving consumption was invaluable. Thank you for helping me through this stress free.


Mold Magistrates Court - Thomas

I was accused of driving with excess alcohol after I was stopped by police while my car was parked in an awkward position.? Although I was not driving, I had been drinking earlier on that day.

Due to the reading I provided, I was facing a disqualification of up to 28 months plus an additional community order.

Without my licence there would have been a huge impact on my private life and career. Potentially, I would have lost my job and I would have struggled to commute to work on a daily basis as I work 40 miles away from where I live.

The advice I received was very useful and helped me understand the court processes involved and what I could expect in court.

Before court, I never imagined a positive verdict. It was a long, tiring and stressful process but with the help of professional and experienced solicitor Marcus Johnstone I was found not guilty.

I would definitely recommend your services to everyone. Without your support, I wouldn’t have been able to win my case.

Isle of Wight Magistrates Court - Simona

I just wanted to thank you personally for all your help and guidance in defending my prosecution for driving without insurance.

As you may have guessed, this was a very worrying event for me – having been vigilant on my car insurance for over 40 years. The insurance brokers failure to cancel the right policy and then further failure to renew the new policy, was quite a complicated issue to explain, but you were very professional in focussing on the core issues and keeping it simple for the court and as a result gaining me an absolute discharge,

This was not a result I had expected and I was able to drive home that evening!

Thank you once again for all your help.


Chester Magistrates Court - John

First of all please accept my utmost gratitude for taking up my case. The last 9 months have been very difficult and uncertain to say the least having been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. I appreciate your honesty where you never really said that it was a run in the park but explained me my options. There was also no counsel to cook up lies but instead focusing on the irregularities on the case.

Today on the day of the trial you couldn’t have appointed a better barrister. Even on the day till the last hour I was not sure how the case was going to swing and I was only explained my options and what will be argued depending on the witnesses and evidence presented but I understood them. Again our barrister is probably the best in the business, he didn’t give the prosecutors a chance to deviate the magistrates’ towards another adjournment due to their own lack of preparation towards the case.

The result as you being one of the first person
to know is that the magistrates’ decided that there was no case or evidence against me at all. But the court didn’t come to this decision only because of all that happened during the day. It took its decision based on the 1st day of when you represented me to plead not guilty (thereby presenting legal arguments), the numerous communications in between and the case management trial where concerns were raised against the only evidence presented against me and other irregularities in procedures.

I would hence like to take this opportunity to thank you, Ronan and your team for being my one and only hope to a guilt free life ahead. I wish no one has to go through what I have been through but in case of motoring cases I am willing to recommend you to anyone in need.


Peterlee Magistrates Court - Leon

Thank you for your support and professionalism. You have guided and supported me through the entire process, and I’m grateful I have made that call to Marcus. The service level was great and I could not hoped for a better result.

I was accused of an alleged speeding offence, which was 77mph in the 50mph zone and 106mph in the 60mph zone. The evidence were overwhelming least to say. The best outcome I was hoping for was 56-days ban and a hefty fine. What I came out with after trial was 3 points and a £60 fine. This is not a witchcraft this is MAJ Law. I’ll be recommending you to friends and everyone at Ace Caf. Thank you guys!

Horsham Magistrates Court - Michael

I was accused of a speeding offence in my works van and was potentially facing a driving ban if convicted due to the speed alleged by the police. I contacted Marcus who was a great help from start to finish and dealt with all the court proceedings on my behalf. Marcus and his team were a great help and resulted in my case being found no case to answer in court. I would certainly recommend Marcus and his team to any friends and family that may face a similar situation in the future.f

Teesside Magistrates Court - Aaron

This is the second case Marcus Johnstone has defended me in court for a alleged motoring offence. This is also the second time Marcus has managed to convince the Magistrates that I was not guilty.

Marcus used his specialised knowledge and his experience to secure a not guilty verdict.

Once again thank you to Marcus and everyone that has worked on my case Greatly appreciated!!

Mold Magistrates Court - Craig

Dear Marcus

Thank you for the professional way in which you and your team handled my case, every question I had at every stage was not only answered but explained so that I understood.

I was looking at a long ban and hefty fine but thanks to you and the manor in which you dealt with the CPS and magistrates the case was dropped and an application to recover at least some of the fees was approved.

Thank you for achieving the best possible outcome for me.

You have an excellent reputation, which is why I chose to ask you to represent me, and it is very well deserved.

Many thanks

Skipton Magistrates Court - Matthew

Would just like to say thanks for all your hard work on my behalf. You really did help explain what would happen and reassure me along the way regarding the court case.


Runcorn Magistrates Court - Lisa

I contacted Marcus Johnstone in October 2012 after being charged by the police. I was facing a long disqualification.

I was amazed at how quickly Marcus was able to identify problems and mistakes with the police evidence. Marcus and his team were superb throughout – putting my mind at ease. I was able to call Marcus direct at any time of the day, even at weekends.

Marcus dealt with everything – handling all the procedure and dealing with the police, the prosecution service and the court. Marcus clearly explained to me why he felt we had a strong case and laid out all the options. He also explained to me what the CPS would likely do with the case. Despite Marcus writing to the CPS and pointing out deficiencies in their case, the CPS would not drop the case and it appeared that they were determined to try and convict me.

The case came to trial on 1st March 2013. Marcus represented me at court and he completely demolished the prosecution. Marcus was able to highlight numerous errors with the evidence. Marcus forced the prosecution to accept it did not have the correct evidence.

The magistrates found me not guilty and awarded me costs from central funds.

I cannot recommend Marcus and his team highly enough. I would advise anyone with a motoring problem to contact Marcus and take advice. Just one phone call to Marcus and you will know exactly where you stand – and there is no charge for his telephone advice.

Warrington Magistrates Court - Andy

Hi Marcus,

I would again like to thank you for all your help. It certainly made a very stressful time much easier to contend with. Knowing someone else had a grip of this case was a huge weight off my mind. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else in the future.

Once again, thank you for your help.

South Cheshire Magistrates Court - Padma

Dear All

This is the second occasion I had need to instruct Marcus as he achieved a successful result for me few years prior.

There was a problem in getting the CPS to disclose all the evidence in advance of the case and Marcus said that if they didn’t disclose it then he would argue in court that their evidence couldn’t be admissible.

At court, Marcus seemed to own the courtroom, advising the CPS lawyer what evidence he couldn’t use. The CPS lawyer didn’t seem to know what to do, so when the court asked the CPS lawyer what evidence he had, he said he didn’t have any to offer. The Magistrates immediately dismissed the trial!

Excellent work once again from Marcus whose in depth knowledge use of the law seemed to rule over the CPS who are just hell bent on a conviction and it is obvious would run roughshod over the Courts rules, their own guidelines and the law itself had I not been properly defended.

Interesting stuff, I learn’t a lot, and certainly learn’t not to take it on the chin.

Justice was done. Thanks Marcus.

All the best

Mansfield Magistrates Court - Dan

I was fortunate to find Marcus Johnstone and his firm, Speeding Solicitor, after searching the internet. I was caught allegedly speeding on the M4 in May 2009 by a mobile speed camera.

Due to my alleged high speed I was not offered a fixed penalty but ordered to appear at a Magistrates Court. This I found extremely alarming.

I spoke directly to Marcus Johnstone who explained my options and what he could do to help me. After this I decided that he would represent me in court.

My court appearance kept being postponed and eventually in October 2010 the case went ahead. Marcus was representing me and I met him at the court.

He successfully put my case forward and I was found not guilty. I left with no fine, no points and no ban. It was a better outcome than I could have imagined.

I kept in regular contact either by telephone or by emails, sometimes directly with Marcus or through staff in his office. I always felt confidant that he was an expert in this field and the outcome illustrates this.

As my case was thrown out I also get my legal fees refunded. I would recommend Marcus Johnstone and his company as I found them very professional.

Thanks for everything.

Swindon Magistrates Court - Jane

Hi Marcus,

I just want to say that I cannot thank you, Gareth, Neil and the rest of your team enough for the pivotal role you played in the dropping of my case last week. Please accept this testimonial with complements. It is the very least I can do in return.

Thank you again and my highest regards

Nottingham Magistrates Court - Nick

Dear Marcus,

I would like to thank you and your team for the professional and expeditious way you dealt with my alleged speeding case. You will know that it went to court and I was found not guilty after the judge gave it due consideration.

I have never been to Court in my life but I was led through the whole process in a very professional manner, for which I am very grateful

It is particularly pleasing knowing that my costs may be returned to me as we were awarded central funds.

Once again many thanks. I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues.

Best wishes,

Liverpool Magistrates Court - James

I wish to give a big thank you to Marcus and his legal team, whose help was invaluable in having my case dropped.

I wholeheartedly recommend his professional approach to speeding and other alleged motoring offences.

I contacted Marcus after receiving a Notice of Intended Prosecution for the alleged offence of exceeding the speed limit of 30mph.

After speaking to Marcus and sending him a copy of the NIP it was clear that he was initially concerned that mistakes may have been made by the police that could have led to an incorrect speed-reading.

From then on Marcus and his team dealt with everything whilst I was made fully aware of proceedings.

There are all sorts of issues that an ordinary person does not even consider when receiving a notice of prosecution. One just assumes that the police are correct and there is no point in arguing against it.

In my case the charge was dropped, as the CPS offered no evidence.

I am so grateful that with Marcus and his team’s help we took them to task and it resulted in a successful outcome.

I would highly recommend Marcus and his team to anyone wishing to protect their licence.

Many Thanks

Kidderminster Magistrates Court - Pete

We write to thank you most sincerely for all your help with our recent court case. Once we had asked you to take on our case we really felt as though someone was on our side. There was a mine field of information and legality to go through and you made what was indeed a very stressful time a little easier.

Neither Paul nor I had been in court before under this kind of situation and you explained everything so clearly so that we knew exactly what to expect and were thus well prepared

It was a difficult day in court, Paul and myself were very nervous the outcome and possible loss of Paul’s licence would have been devastating for us and the family, you remained calm and in control of the situation, and we are in no doubt that it was your expertise and knowledge that helped to bring the verdict of an absolute discharge based on special reasons. It is one thing to know you are innocent, but another to prove that to others.

We thank you most sincerely once again for all your time and effort

North Cheshire Magistrates Court - Paul


Many thanks for the letter today telling me my case has been concluded!

Initially I was going to just accept the points and fine because I thought who would believe me over 2 traffic cops but you and your team were correct to fight it!

I would recommend you to anybody who asks. Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail has been aware of this case from the start and will be very pleased with the outcome!

I hope I do not need your services again but your number has been kept just in case!

Weymouth Magistrates Court - Martin

I am very happy with the outcome today, actually that is an understatement.

I was stopped by an officer using a pro laser gun that recorded my speed at 73mph in a 30mph zone. I thought the only outcome would be a long ban.

Marcus showed his expert knowledge defending me and making the police officer pretty much lost for words in the courtroom.

The result: no ban and I’m still driving. A pretty remarkable result.

I could’ve used a local solicitor for a few hundred pounds cheaper, but I guarantee I would’ve been getting the bus to work tomorrow.


Northwich Magistrates Court - Mick
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